Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jam and Nutella Tarts

So the other day I had a cake disaster I was speaking to my Grandma and she was encouraging me not to give up, so I found this recipe as there is no rising involved all in all they were yummy, but the pastry was a tad dry, aw well will add more butter next time!


  • 8oz flour
  • 3-4 0z butter
  • cold water
  • a pinch of salt
  • jam
  • nutella
  • almonds
  1. mix the flour and the salt together then add butter and cut with a knife mix in cold water to make the pastry
  2. roll out then make round cut outs, I don't have any cutters as I am not a baker he he so I used the base of a big mug!
  3. add to the botton of a muffin baking pan then fill with jam, nutella or nutella and jam and garnish with an almond
  4. bake for 15 min on 400 degrees
I will send this for next months nutella challenge but I could''t resist sharing them with you all..

So tomorrow we are driving to Nashville (long drive) for a friends wedding on Saturday oh i adore weddings will add pics of little Jasmine in her dress!, we are staying in Asheville on the way home to break the journey and enjoy the colors of the leaves in the NC mountains. It seems a lot of folks have the same idea hard to get hotels there and not cheap!!!

Love to you all, go on take a tart I made them for you!


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