Monday, October 12, 2009

Spaghetti Squash With Masala and Cilantro

So here is part two of spaghetti squash, with the other half, I again turned it face down in water, but this time I added ginger/garlic paste, olive oil and masala powder (Amma's from India!), this turned out really good. I think this version is my favorite I ate it tonight with Chicken Curry yum (recipe to follow)

Oh and check out my new gig, I am going to be doing the blog for Blackwing Organic meats, I am so excited as I approached them and asked them if they had thought about having a blog!

Its a wonderful company with great love for the animals to live well and very much into healthy meats. If you have great meat recipes please share with me I will feature them and link back to your blog, they have lots and lots of customers and supply to 5 star chefs LOL.



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