Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nutella and Strawberry Panini and Boy Voyage

I made this simple panini recently for the nutella challenge, I must confess I am not a big baker, I cook more savoury food, as I am sure you have noticed. But I must say this was delicious and so simple, simple add nutella and a few slices of strawberries or any fruit to the bread and put in the panini maker. Its warm gooey chocolate heaven.

And Bon Voyage, we are going to Fort Lauderdale Florida for a few days, can't wait, to walk along the beach with Jasmine and hubby, shop and find some good places to eat, if you have any suggestions for us please comment!

Will take pictures and share with you, one thing I love about the area is the good Cuban food in Miami and the South American influence, oh yeah!!

love and hugs


  1. HAVE FUN!!! I haven't been to Ft. L yet, but I always find the best food in Florida is found at the down-home fish shacks. I enjoy ordering things like fresh fish sandwiches, etc.

  2. oh I envy you! Enjoy your trip! :)

  3. You had me at "nutella"! Have a fun trip!

  4. Have a great trip! Bring us all back some seafood please!

  5. Have fun and enjoy your time with jasmine !!!

  6. Have a wonderful time in Ft. Lauderdale. I stayed at the Riverside Hotel, a boutique hotel on Las Olas a while back. Yanni was playing the piano during dinner in the dining room. Don't think it's Jasmine's kind of food, but none the less, Yanni's music was terrific. Lots of places to eat on Las Olas Blvd.

    Go to the beach where they filmed the movie "Where the Boys Are" a zillion years ago. Every cabby knows it and let Jasmine get some sand in her toes on the beautiful white beaches.

    If you get to North Miami, which is very near Ft. Lauderdale, there's a wonderful old, traditional family Italian deli on Dixie Highway. Think it's Lorenzos. Google it. It's almost in Broward county, right over the line actually in Dade county. Dixie Hwy is easy to find too. You can eat there or take-out. Very old school Italian authentic deli that are rapidly disappearing in modern times. Their prosciutto is the best.

    Have a great time. See you when you get back.

  7. Oh my!This looks like a great evening snack with a glass of milk.
    I have to remember this idea.

    I love to cook but, can't bake to save my life (laugh). This would be perfect for me!

  8. Have fun and safe travels! Your Nutella creation looks AMAZING! Yummm!

  9. Sounds delicious...have a nice time. Wish I could give you some tips but I have never been! Have a great time!

  10. I can't believe it but I've never tried Nutella! It's crazy. I just think I would eat it all the time and not have any control. I may have a SLIGHT chocolate addiction :) Love the panini idea though, Nick would love it if I made him one of those!

  11. Kelsey: oh I am with you girl on the local shacks lol
    the epicureans market: thanks so much
    Diana: thanks appreciate it
    Jenn: thanks
    eatlivetravelwrite: thanks
    John: oh yeah can't beat fresh seafood
    Faiza: oh thanks so much
    Sam: thanks for the tips, means a lot
    Velva: oh I am the same way!
    lululu thanks
    Nicole: thanks so much hows your Blood glucose?
    Trish: no worries
    Gina: oh you must try it here you go.....

  12. I always believe that everything with nutella is yummy :)

    Have a great time in Florida!

  13. Florida! Enjoy yourself!!
    And that is a GREAt sandwich! I prefer savory myself, but that will really hit the spot when I crave something sweet...

  14. If I had any strawberries, I'd be eating this for breakfast, looks so yummy.
    Have a great holiday

  15. This looks amazingly yummy! I hope you have a lovely time in the UK in November! Whereabouts are you going to?

  16. I LOVE Nutella and think it tastes great with just about anything! Hope you have a great trip!

  17. Oh how fun, hope you have a great time! Smart going later in the year when it's not so blasted hot!

  18. I love nutella!! Have a wonderful time!

  19. foodie with a little thyme; thanks
    selba: well said
    burpandslurp: thanks so much
    kenny: thanks
    Dajana: oh yep great for breakfast'
    Ruth: going to London, cambridge and boston
    simply life: oh i agree thanks
    Amanda: yep thats why we go at this time of year I am a Brit and don't like the heat!!
    Erica: thanks

  20. Sounds great! You have fun with your family.

  21. Enjoy your time away Rebecca. No tips to offer...only cause i'm like 1000s of miles away

  22. Great combination! have a great time on your trip.

  23. Rebecca, Now this looks like a super yummy panino! I'd never thought of this combo, so I continue to keep learning from you! Have a great time in Ft. Lauderdale; it has been so long since I've been there that I can't remember what to recommend other than THE BEACHES! Such a beautiful blue color!

    Also thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about how you reply/comment to your readers. I really appreciate it and posted it on my blog today. I also have an award for you for your kindness in taking the time to share with all of us. I hope that you stop by and copy it when you return from your vacation! Bye for now, Roz

  24. Have a great time in Fort Lauderdale!

  25. Have a great time in Florida!

  26. Ciao Rebecca! This is one of my favorite ways to eat Nutella. Not that there's a bad way LOL! Have a super trip. Can't wait to hear all about it & of course see your pics! Mwah

  27. I need to get nutella, that stuff is heaven :) I hope you have a wonderful trip!!! so fun :)

  28. Michelle thanks so much
    Paula: thanks here now love it
    5 star foodie: thanks
    Kristin: oh you need nutella!!



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