Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chicken Chasseur with Glayva

This is a week of firsts I made my first Cuban Dish the Picadillo and my first Chicken Chausseur, one of the hospitals I used to work at in England used to serve this and I loved it. It even had wine in it as my Muslim friend couldn't have any.

The word Chausseur is French for hunter and was often used for tough meats to cook slowly with shallots, garlic and wine. The sauce has a long history back to the 1600's and is thought to have been invented by It Duke Philippe De Mornay (1549-1623), Governor of Saumur, and Lord of the Plessis Marly in the 1600s. I didn't have any wine at home so I used Glayva a Scottish whiskey liqueur!

  • chicken legs
  • 1/2 liter of chicken stock
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 7 cloves of garlic
  • 2 sticks of chopped celery
  • one tablespoon of Glayva
  • 2 chopped tomatoes
  • one pack of chopped mushrooms
  • one spoon herbs de Provence
  • salt and pepper
  • one spoon tomato puree
  • olive oil

  1. saute the onions and garlic in olive oil for 5 minutes add the celery and mushrooms and saute another few minutes
  2. then add the tomatoes, and herbs salt and pepper to taste and saute on low for 3 minutes
  3. then add the chicken stock and some tomato puree, and the glayva to make a nice sauce
  4. add the chicken cover and simmer on a low heat for 45 minutes, till the chicken falls of the bone.
This was delicious and was wonderful with Jasmine rice and steamed broccoli.

What is your favorite addition to a sauce ?


  1. That looks lovely. I can imagine it was really tasty with rice. I have an award for you on my blog, Rebecca!

  2. Rebecca,

    I love the new look of your blog! I'm going to file this recipe away to make soon. Thanks for sharing!



  3. Oh, nummy num num!! This looks really tasty :D

  4. Yummy!!! I love that you used whiskey. ;-D

  5. wow..Rebecca, this looks scrumptious!

  6. Rebecca.....My favorite additions to any much so I am afraid I make them almost all the cilantro and lemon juice...uh huh...and a little hot sauce or cumin and I can make any thing work.

    Of course you can use my 'today' recipe for your organic foods post. Afterall...tis not my original recipe anyway and blogging is for sharing...All the best...Happy Saturday!

  7. I love Hunters stew and almost every time I make chicken stew...thats my favorite choice. This looks a PERFECT take on it...I need to try it with rice next time : )

  8. Yum, looks fantastic! I love any sauce with whole tomatoes, or stewed tomatoes. I also like garlic and curry (not together though...).

  9. Palidor: thanks so much
    fresh local and best: oh you will love this one and thanks so much
    girlichef: thanks appreciate it
    Jenn: nice little kick well not really not much in there!
    Angie: oh thanks
    Trish: oh like the lemon juice i so need to use this more
    Nat: thanks i think i will make it again for sure
    Candid RD oh but all curries have garlic in them LOL

  10. Your new blog design looks great!

    The chicken looks yummy!

  11. I love Chicken Chasseur and it's frequently on our menu. I use wine in a lot of my cooking.

  12. I have never had Chicken Chasseur before but it looks quite savory and delicious! I think I might need some buttered egg noodles with it. ;-)

  13. hummingbird appetite thanks so much did it meself!
    Sam: oh i need to use more wine but Jasmine might get tipsy!
    Deb: oh great idea will eat this next time

  14. what a great looking saturday post, rebecca. Fantatsic ingredients in the sauce. No wonder it looks god enough to pounce on :)

  15. This looks absolutely delicious! So cozy and comforting for Fall. My favorite thing to add to a sauce? Cream. Just a tiny bit can make a big difference depending on what kind of sauce it is.

  16. oh great tip Reeni, I have just discovered that coconut milk is my fav!

  17. With whisky! Wow, that packs quite a punch! Sounds amazing!

  18. That looks such a lovely dish. Would be so great with rice. I'll probably add in some wine for more flavour and warming effect esp during cold weather.

  19. When I started to read the first paragraph, my mouth starts to water. I think this one tastes great!

  20. Oh this looks wonderful! I love any sauce with tomatoes!

  21. incredibly comforting - so perfect with all the rain we have been having to have a big serving.

  22. Interesting history!! This looks sooooooooooooooooo delish!

  23. What a unique dish!! I definitely want to try this so thank you very much for sharing. Actually I want to try every dish that I have seen on your blog!! Wonderful blog!!

  24. I love French food because it is so hearty. It is the ultimate comfort food. This looks absolutely delicious.

    You should submit the picadillo that you made to Regional Recipes: Cuba, which is being hosted at Blazing Hot Wok!

  25. Sophia: I know right!
    Mary: oh true nice for the colder weather
    thanks Rocky
    simply life: of me to lol
    doggy bloggy: oh yeah nice winter dish lol
    figtree; thanks
    Ginger: thanks so much means a lot to me
    Joanne: I sure will but its next month right?

  26. I LOVE chicken chasseur and your recipe looks very good indeed. I think the addition of the Glayva was inspired!

  27. Looks soooo good! I don't think I've heard of some of those spices, but I think ANY sauce NEEDS garlic! Yummm!

  28. it is such a great sauce for chicken...i love to add garlic and cilantro in my sauces...
    the new look of your blog is so good..

  29. It looks like an Indian curry minus the 'heat'!!

  30. the Ample Cook: oh thanks so much
    Nicole: yep sure does
    Sangeeta: oh you can't beat fresh cilantro
    Sweta: looks like but very different in taste lol

  31. I like how this is stew-like and I'm sure it tasted wonderful on rice. Growing up, my mom made a spicy Korean version of this with potatoes and we ate it over rice.

  32. the epicureans market: oh that sounds yummy

  33. Oh definitely adding wine for depth...garlic is a must! The alcohol cooks out after a certain temperature, so Jasmine will just learn to love the flavor of wine, and have a great palate with all your good cooking!

  34. Chef E oh good tip on the alcohol I should use wine more i think lol

  35. I love Chicken Chasseur! I should have it more often :)

  36. Rebecca, I like how you've changed your blog up!! (If you ever need any help, just let me know :D I love the flavours in this dish!! Wow, This one I must try!

  37. Karine: oh it was so good lol
    Diana: thanks it means a lot that you like it wow would be cool if you could help rebecca

  38. This looks wonderful - mouthwatering and I'm totally full right now.



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