Move to Japan!!

small world

... because  Japan has the highest life expectancy at 83 years the World Health Organisation has recently realized figures

  • Japan: 83
  • Australia, Iceland, Italy, San Marino: 82
  • Andorra, France, Israel, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden: 81
  • USA 78 
  • and the lowest of a baby born in 2007 were...
  • Sierra Leone: 41
  • Afghanistan: 42
  • Lesotho, Zimbabwe: 45
  • Chad, Zambia: 46
  • Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Swaziland, Uganda: 48
  • Burkina Faso, Burundi, Mali: Nigeria 49
The bottom line is medical care has advanced especially in developed countries, then in war torn African Nations and places like Afghanistan we can understand this number. We are truly blessed if we live in highest ranked countries.

But don't forget, the US has one of the best health systems but Japan and other countries top it, you have to take ownership for your health, follow a balanced diet and keep active. A lot of the countries with high numbers probably do. I know a lady here who's 107!, she still mops the floor, and makes the effort to walk with her walker and eats healthily 

Again if you need a helping hand I am here for ya...



  1. i guess i should start eating more sushi!! :)

  2. Wow, this is interesting! Japanese eat healthily, I guess that's why?

  3. Something that really struck me when I was in Japan last was their love/obsession with good quality, fresh, local produce.

    Great point about taking control of your own health. The importance of eating well and being active isn't emphasised enough.

  4. Great post! I read the Okinawa Program several years ago and have marveled at the longevity of the Japanese since.

  5. Wow! Such interesting info!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. this was a great post idea! I wonder what it is about japan... I'll have to go visit and steal some of their secrets :)

  7. Hey sounds like a good idea to me. LOL. Besides, they know good food, too.

  8. Seafood.....they eat LOTS seafood and drink Sake!
    Rebecca, do you drink at all?

  9. Darn I don't live in any of the those countries! Surprising though because I thought Canada had a great healthcare system. Love it too late to start?

  10. Japanese people eat overall healthy because they eat lot of fishes, vegs and fruits with few red meats, the opposite to western countries including mine.
    Anyway, who can not enjoy a grilled beef! ??

    More health you have, less necessity to use the health systems of your country.



  11. When I read the title I thought you may be moving to Japan LOL! Great info.

    I have a coffee recipe posted just now!

  12. Really interesting - Also something interesting - did you know that there are fewer deaths this year per capita than this time last year? Strange eh?

  13. I've always wanted to go to Japan...all the more reason now...research!

  14. Japan? Not surprised. They eat teensy weensy portions...but probably because of the ridiculously high prices of everything there!

  15. Sunny: yep!
    Kenny: yeah fresh food small portions, I remember when we were there
    Berni: love ya
    Lisa: never heard of that must check it out
    Mary: we need to
    Finsmom: no probs
    Sarah: go its awesome, I have a Japanese Neighbour I will get some recipes for us all!!
    Jenn: i agree
    sweta: yep never say no to a trip!
    Angie: I love sake and whiskey but don't drink much i am a light weight!
    Screamin mama: never to late to start
    Gera: I agree
    5 star foodie: great recipe, I wish
    Kristin: thats interesting
    Girlichef: lets all plan a visit!
    burpandslurp: thats so true he he


  16. My fiancee actually wants to move to Japan! That would be scary for me, but what great and healthy cuisine :)

  17. Kristin go its a great place, fun to do these things now when your young and free he he


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