Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peek a Boo! and Pizza

We went to Brixx oven pizza for lunch all in all pretty good we got a cajan sausage and scrimp pizza, had a great peppery and spicy flavour and a mushroom one.

We played peek a boo with my little angel, it was a joy to see her smile she has been suffering with teething the last few days. Making her not want to eat and crying a lot, I think going out for lunch was good for her, to take her mind of it.

 I went to a friends yesterday and the swing did wonders so I bought one, pictures to follow.. 

My Dad now has a job to build the swing!

Please all you mommies can you share your teething tips, would appreciate it 

Love Rebecca.....


  1. Delicious pizzas!! My godson is at the teething stage, so he's been in a cranky mood whenever. For him a teething ring does the trick. he also like to chew on soft items too. Lately, he's been in chewing paper. We're not sure where that came from.

  2. You have a cute daughter!

    Happy Father's day to your husband!

  3. Aww, she looks like she is such a happy girl!!
    The pizza looks/sounds amazing. I haven't had a nice piece of pizza in a long time. Tonight I ate the food I have been craving for a while, a cheeseburger! Pizza will be next, for sure.

  4. Nice to hear about your husband's new job.

    Orajel for babies is Ok when the pain has your kid crying.
    I used to give my boy a Cracker (saltine) or breadsticks as a snack it helps to feel some relief in their etchy gums.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Jenn: thanks for the tips, your cake would have helped her he he
    Peachkins: oh thanks so sweet of you
    Mely: oh my Dad has a job to built the swing sorry will give it a try thanks
    Gina: Pizza rocks !
    Ann: thanks

  6. Hi,
    thanks for checking out my blog. I'l be popping in on yours now I know you are here- a great read!

  7. Guess what, we went out for pizza yesterday, as well. And my little one actually had some and was happy.
    My girls both got their first upper front teeth when they were 5,5 months old. After that I would give them a wedge of apple, that they would grate with their little teeth (of course I was alway around in case of choking, but they never needed my help). And my younger one ate a lot of yogurt in that period, as it is refreshing and soothing.

  8. The pizza looks delicious and your daughter is so cute too. I'm sure she will be thrilled with the swing. ;-)

  9. Your daughter is adorable!

  10. you have a beautiful baby girl!
    Frozen teething ring or a frozen bagel worked for my baby.

    Good luck!

  11. That pizza sounds great! I am not a mommy but remember when my sister was teething. We used teething rings for her and it definitely seemed to help. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. I used to give my son some bread sticks to bite on-try it out :)

  13. Teething tips... Take a picture of the pearly whites... they will look different tomorrow!

  14. Camilla: thanks
    Dajana: good tips, yep she likes apples and yogurt is very handy
    deb: she likes it he he
    hummingbird appetite thanks
    Erica: thanks great tips, will try the bagel
    Joanne no probs
    Sweta oh she likes this as well
    Dana: Love it great way to look at it


  15. I miss Brixx! I think it's only in NC though. Too bad - those pizzas looks so good. It's lovely to see that happy smiling little face! Can't wait to see how her new swing set looks like!



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