Great Find: Farmers Market Widget

Find your Farmers Market

So I was reading Simply Food and Nothing  extra  a great blog by the way and I saw this neat widget on the left hand side. 

Its so cool you enter your zip code and it tells you where your local farmers market is, I tried it and it worked.

Just thought I would share in case you wanted it for your blogs!, heres the link for the code

Its now on my blog on the right hand side...


  1. This is neat! Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this.

  2. Very cool. I know where all the local farmer's markets are, but I know many people don't, so that's great. I actually will be volunteering at the local FMs this summer, handing out food safety info!

  3. Angie: no problem
    Gina: thats cool post pics!

  4. Thats cool Rebecca,thanx for sharing...

  5. ~Fablous Thanks for sharing!


    Join, post your comments !

    Have a great Day!

  6. Awesome...I'll add by other farmer's market-type widgets. Ah, love Farmer's Markets! And I really like your badge, too!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I love it!! Farmers Markets are the best :)

  8. Lisa: thanks
    Vrinda: no problem
    Food create will do
    Reeni thanks
    C.G. The Foodie thanks
    Megan: so cool right
    Girlichef: love ya
    Lisa: thanks i made it with my Mum!
    Sweta: thanks
    Sarah the new girl thanks


  9. Rebecca,

    Thanks for the Iowa Corn Dog shout out!! I love that widget and your header!!

  10. Thanks for the link Rebecca- Im going to add it too!

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