Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chicken Salad UnGourmet Style!!

I always read the Un Gourmets Blog and get inspired to cook yummy, dishes with chicken and inspired by summer, so I marinated the chicken in olive oil, salt and pepper, lemon juice and garlic the way Kim does. Then used my panini grill to grill it with some herbs. I sauteed spinach with olive oil and garlic and made a white bean salad (white beans, olive oil, Italian herbs, salt, red onion, tomato and pepper)

It was served over greens yummy, here's to you UnGourmet LOL

Of to the NC coast tomorrow will catch up with you all in a few days and announce the winner of the giveaway so there's still a wee bit of time to send in your coffee inspired creations!



  1. Enjoy the NC coast! That area has a special place in my heart 'cause it's where I met Matt :)

    Your food looks lovely! I'll have to check out UnGourmet!

  2. Your Chicken Salad looks terrific! Thanks for making it and for mentioning my blog! :0)

    Your signature is fun!

    Hope you have a terrific time!

  3. Enjoy the coast! We used to love going to the Outer Banks - this brings back memories. 8-)

  4. That's my kind of meal! I always marinate my chicken in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, pepper, and a bit of salt. I sometimes add lemon or lime juice for some acidity. The white beans sound like a great compliment, and the spinach...yum!

  5. Chicken salad looks yum,i don't like chicken in salads but my hubby likes it..

  6. Such a great salad--it looks flavorful and delicious.
    Have fun at the coast!

  7. girlichef: thanks
    Sarah: oh thats so sweet I meet my hubby in Doncaster England
    The ungourmet: thanks, no probs
    tangled noodle: thanks
    deb: thanks it was a good salad want some?
    Gina: yeah its so easy I don't know why I havn't done it before, but now I know he he
    Jenn: thanks
    Vrinda: so your a good wifey and make for him sometimes LOL

  8. Easy, summery, piquant -- sounds like a meal made for me!

  9. Have fun on your vacation. The salad looks fantastic.

  10. Have fun! Sounds absolutely delicious.

  11. nothing wrong with a little ungourmet, it's preferred if you ask me :)

  12. Have loads of fun!!
    Great salad and I love Kim's blog and recipes too :)

  13. Have fun at NC! And this chicken salad looks REALLY good...It is always so versatile to suit your own tastes and styles!

  14. The chicken sounds great. I will have to try that. Hope you have/had a great trip!

  15. Simple, fresh and healthy! Love it!!

  16. A delicious chicken salad! I would love it for lunch right about now!

  17. Sounds delicious! The bean salad is a great addition.

  18. A lovely Mediterranean style salad so yummy!
    Enjoy your trip to NC coast :D



  19. cucinista thanks will send you some
    Donna had a good time thanks
    Erica: thanks
    Steph he he
    Sweta thanks
    Lori thanks yep good salad
    Diana: thanks
    5 star foodie sure you can have some!
    Lisa: thanks Gera: thanks

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