Monday, June 8, 2009

Hubby's Spicy Potato Slices and Back to Home Cooked Food..

Ingredients: one large potato, paprika, salt, chilli powder and tumeric
1. simply coat the sliced potatoes in the spices and lightly shallow fry in olive oil till brown.
So simple and tastes great.

Oh and the best thing about coming home is having home cooked food again, we had spinach dal, spinach, spicy fish, spicy potatoes and green beans, wonderful...



  1. Simplicity at its best. Those potatoes look yummy.

  2. Nothing beats homecooked. Yummy potatoes!

  3. Simple home cooked dishes are my cup of tea.
    Does your hubby cook often?

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I love potatoes and spice so wouldn't say no to your spicy potato slices. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. sometimes less is more, I agree. I am going to follow along.

  6. Great looking and simple at the same time. I like your choice of spices but gotta be careful of the tumeric, which I also use - it stains everything, including your hands and dish towels.

  7. yum, love taters...these sound simply delicious.

  8. I just bought some potatoes last night and I've been trying to figure out what I can do with them that would be warm and comforting. It is winter here now and very cool. This is great!

  9. Hi Rebecca!
    Just wanted to swing by to say hello. I left a little award for you on my site...just wanted to make sure you knew.
    have a great day...and thanks for all you give so generously through your blog!

  10. What a lovely looking meal. Simple and tasty.

  11. Donna: simple is good he he
    Jenn: love home food
    Angie: yep he cooks some, but he works a lot so I do more
    Murasaki:no probs
    Denise:thanks me too!
    Sam: so are so right, lots of stained tea towels, but in indian cooking its used a lot and has anticancer properties!
    Girlichef: spuds in the UK he he
    Lori: oh different seasons down there, my hubby is coming to Brazil what do you recommend?
    Lauren: thanks so much
    Mary: thanks Mary

  12. I all looks and sounds delicious. The spicy fish sounds really good!

  13. Oh how I love potatoes. Everything in moderation, right!

  14. Nothing beats home cooked food-and it tastes even better when hubby has pitched in(I hope MY hubby reads this post)!!
    BTW,I make eggplant in a similar way-tastes great :)

  15. Thanks Rebecca,
    Tastes great; made them tonight!



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