Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goodies From Scotland!

So my parents arrived today from Scotland loaded with British goodies, love it, Scotts Porridge Oats, Tea, whiskey, shortbread, chocolate, would anyone like some?... but I don't think they will last long!
 I asked them to bring walnut whip, its a little cone of chocolate with vanilla fondant cream inside topped with a walnut! 
The slogan is lose yourself in a walnut whip, and I can see why I just did he he, yummy

 Oh and I am going to send this post Spinach South Indian style to Girlichef for this weeks BSI, I noticed that cookbook cuisine used spinach and a previous post so I thought why not!

This is really the only way I cook spinach its tasty, healthy and quick but I will learn more ways from my fellow bloggers!

Gift from her Grandparents, how sweet they are here for the next 3 weeks, so will be sharing fun, food and family with you all

Love Rebecca


  1. WOW! lots of mouthwatering goodies!! can I have some?

  2. YUMM! so many tempting goodies. I so craving for it now.

  3. You are going to have something "home"..... Still try to figure out what exactly "walnut whip" look like.....topped with walnut and coated with dark chocolate?

  4. How sweet to see your daughter with her grandparents (I just know the feeling with my own kids), and you with all the yummy stuff you'll be enjoying (again, I know the feeling of living far from home).
    My daughters chose to buy similar toys when we were in Croatia last month, but they had to be absolutely pink.

  5. Rebecca,
    I am happy for you! My parents live in Colombia and I miss them very much. Enjoy your family!

  6. Oh such lovely goodies from scotland oh my!!! its so tempting and I am all craving for some now!!! Your daughter must be very happy with her grandparents oh such a lucky gal!!!

  7. That's so awesome! I wish somebody would be bring me goodies from another country!! That walnut whip sounds pretty tempting :D

  8. What a lovely goodies...I don't understand why they won’t last long ;)

    Cheers and enjoy them!


  9. Peachkins: sure
    Ann: come on over!
    Angie: yep you got it
    Dajana:thats so cool she likes it
    denise thanks
    thanks Sophie
    Erica: i know its hard to live away
    Ramya she's a lucky girl and the first grandchild on both sides!
    Dar: I need to send you some
    Sweta come on over girl

  10. That is what I would call a Cone of Deliciousness! I love Scottish oat biscuits/oatcakes. If ever we're fortunate to visit, I'm bringing an empty suitcase especially for souvenir goodies . . .! What a lovely picture of a happy family!

  11. Looks like a great bunch of goodies. That walnut whip looks delicious. Have a great time with your parents!

  12. tangled noodle yep thats what we do he he
    deb thanks

  13. No haggis? lol Glad you got your walnut whip fix!



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