Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tip to Enjoy Your Deck/Back Yard!

Plant fruit trees, veggies and herbs, this is my little fig tree and you may remember I have a blueberry bush. I have tomatoes at the front, so you can get fresh ingredients from your own yard! I had a lot of fresh herbs but had some greedy slugs about, so I now keep these in pots on the deck!

Hang some wind chimes, I love the sound they make

Get a swing and sit back and relax, I got this for Jasmine as she liked it so much, when she's a little bigger will get a swing set.
Play in the grass!!
Plant pretty plants and flowers that you can see from your deck, ones with fragrance are great 

put out bird feeders so you can enjoy watching the birdies!

Oh and I also have a paddling pool for Jasmine but she didn't have any clothes on the other day so no picture this time!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer, 


Of to the beach on monday for a few days so will announce the winner of the give away Friday/Saturday Next week 


  1. Fun Photos! Jasmine is darling!

    If you click on my signature it should take you to the website. If not go to It was pretty easy to figure out.:0)

  2. Can't wait to see which signature you choose! :)

  3. What a beautiful yard you have. My mom would be jealous, she's always trying to make her yard look unique and relaxing. I'm impressed with yours, very much :)

  4. Can't wait to see Jas in the wading pool-she's such a darling!!

  5. Jasmine looks like she's havin fun.. We don't really have grass but my daughter Purple plays with the sand in our backyard. Hmmnn..I was thinking of a little herb garden too!

  6. I live in a townhouse, so I don't have a backyard...I'm envious of that lovely swing!

  7. the ungourment will check it out thanks
    Gina: thanks look me up if your in NC!!
    Sweta: will put on facebook LOL
    Peachkins: cute name Purple my fav color you must be nr the beach!!
    Burpandslurp yep we are lucky LOL

  8. Lucky you to have such big backyard!
    New post footer is neat.

    Angie's Recipes

  9. Im so jealous of your fig tree!!! also jealous that you're off to the beach.

  10. I yard is my refuge...plant and place all of your favorites and you don't even need to go anywhere else! :) Have fun at the beach.

  11. thanks Angie
    LK he he
    Girlichef I know I love my 0.2 acre yard I have trees at the back but they are not all mine!! thanks first time to this part of NC coast, Rebecca

  12. We had to cut down our huge maple tree (it's interior was rotted) and so we lost the lovely shade we had on our deck. We haven't spent as much time out there but after this, I want to head out and enjoy our outdoor space before summer ends! You've done a wonderful job with your space.

  13. kristen thanks
    tangled noodle sorry about the maple tree thats a shame

  14. I loved the backyard tips. I always look at all the beautiful humming bird feeders and never indulge. Just maybe I'll pick one out and buy it next time. For the garden, not me. ;)

  15. Rebecca, love your backyard. I alway's love having family over for dinner in the backyard. Now that I have chickens, it's so much fun just sitting and relaxing in the backyard while watching my chooks :)

  16. yep megan good idea LOL
    thanks Diane, sounds fab you will have to post a pic

  17. The only things I'm missing are the swing and a wading pool with a naked toddler. Love the sound of splashing and squealing!

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