Monday, June 22, 2009

Is Your Teen Getting Enough Milk?

It was found that in a study with 1500 participants conducted by the University of Minnesota that teens in high school decreased their calcium intake. In fact more than 1/2 of boys and 2/3 of girls were not getting the recommended daily amount. Its crucial to get enough calcium and vitamin D at this stage in life to ensure peak bone mass is reached.
1300mg/day is needed for high school students and 1000mg for young adults. 
Encourage a glass of milk with dinner, a refreshing fruit smoothie or calcium fortified orange juice to help get this vital mineral.

Oh and my little one has a rash took her to the Dr. she has a viral illness poor darling so its actually a wee bit more than teething, smoothies are great for her right now LOL


  1. Hope your lil one is doing fine now.
    Smoothie is the good way to get our daily calcium :) Me too hate milk till I started making smoothies :)

  2. Oh poor girl.. Hope she gets well..! Even i hate milk, but smoothies... love them..!

  3. I like milk. Notice I didn't say love. hehe...Smoothies always hit the spot for me.

    I hope your little one feels better soon.

  4. I hope your kid is doing well now...

  5. Very important! With the program I work for, we focus the curriculum on 8th grade health classes, but HS would actually be a great audience to focus on too. It's amazing how the kids just don't really know how important it is for them. We get the biggest gasps when we show them the pictures of people with osteoporosis. I hope your lil one gets to feeling better :)

  6. I don't drink milk, but I love yogurt and cheese. I'm actually a bit suspicious of the milk in the grocery stores.
    Oh man...I hope your little girl feels better soon!

  7. Ann: smoothies are great I agree
    Sweta: she'll get better but we thing
    Sanghi: thanks
    Jenn: thats good, thanks for the wishes for Jasmine
    Peachkins: thanks
    Kristin you are on the front line of this !
    Burp and slurp:thanks, for you kind words


  8. agrrrrrrr....all my typing are just gone!
    As a kid I didn't like milk, I guess it's because I had no sense and knowledge about it, plus we drank more soya milk. Now it seems that I have never enough of cheese....I like to use butter milk to do the smoothies....

  9. sorry for the little sweety of yours, hope she gets well soon.
    Good advice about milk and calcium. My older daughter stopped drinking milk when she was 15 months old, and I pushed her to eat at least a lot of cheese and yogurt. And then suddenly, when the little one was born, and she was 3 by the time, she started drinking it again.
    I remember how my mom used to convince us that we needed to dring a big glass of milk in the morning so we could run faster. And I really believed that.

  10. Scary about teens and calcium. In fact, it's scary about teens and health in general!!

    I hope your daughter gets well soon :(

  11. Hope your little sweetie is feeling better. Smoothies are always a good thing.

    I give the boys wonder dairy in yogurt, cheese, and milk; however, I stopped drinking it years ago and live on milk alternatives: soy, almond, etc. I'm trying to vary it for them so they get enough even when they don't feel like knocking back a glass.

  12. My 5 yr old son doesn't like smoothies but he lov milk..hope ur little one is doing fine now...

  13. I hope your little one is feeling's so pitiful when they're sick!!!

    I hate to admit this, but I despise milk, however, I really should make a conscientious effort to drink things like smoothies!

  14. I hope Jasmine is going to feel better very soon! My daughter drinks milk all the time and orange juice too, loves smoothies and milkshakes :)

  15. angie: buttermilk smoothies sound good, soya with calcium is also great
    Dajana: your mums advice is so cool!
    Gina: thanks yeah teens diets need some TLC!
    Lisa; sound slike your are doing a great job
    Vrinda: shes better today thank you LOL
    Rachel; sounds like a plan
    5 star thanks shes getting better see your little one is smart LOL


  16. I hope she's feeling better now...poor little thing! And thank goodness my little one's love dairy!!

  17. I hope your daughter is feeling better! I don't have a teen but I do worry about getting enough calcium for myself b/c I am somewhat L.I. However, I do have yogurt every morning and the hubs and I love our cheese (which doesn't always sit well but I can't give it up!)



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