Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oikos Greek Yogurt: A Dietitians Perspective..

So Stonyfield farm send me coupons for Greek Yogurt I have seen lots of other bloggers have gotten them also!!, very clever marketing campaign, impressive. They emailed me and noticed my blog sent the coupons and a personal note, nice touch. So many of you awesome food bloggers have made great recipes with it, so I thought I would just comment. 

It tastes great and Jasmine loves it, I noticed the label states no fat, wow amazing apparantly due to the filtering process. Its all natural, probiotic and very high in protein a whopping 13g. A regular yogurt is about 7g/carton.

Its great for babies, as no sweetners, and good source of protein as a company Stonyfield farm has great products for babies like yo baby yogurts and they even have drinkable ones, great when your out and about! The baby yogurts are again all natural and made from whole milk a good source of protein and vitamin D and Calcium. Babies have high protein and calorie requirements so these are a great choice, I introduced them at about 6 months. 

One of the best things about being a mum is at the end of the day often after nursing they fall asleep in your arms, heres a picture for all the mums or future mums to bring a smile to your face. 

Love Rebecca


  1. You little gorgeous angle? Very cute!

  2. So cute...I miss that age..and just hearing them breathe..

  3. Awwww cute baby!

    Love Greek yogurt! Yum :-)

  4. Awwww-so cute!! Don't they like little angels when they are sleeping :)

  5. I love their yogurt to.

    Such an adorable pic of your daughter. Sleeping little angel.

  6. Your baby is so adorable,i lov to watch babies sleep..never tasted Oikos yogurt..

  7. Love the live cultures... such a necessity! I liked the picture of the sweet little toddler even more!

  8. How I miss the time when my daughter used to fall asleep in my arms! So cute!

  9. That's such a cute picture. Though my babies prefered falling asleep in their beds.
    Nice review of the yogurt.
    I've left you an award on my blog.

  10. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's awesome to visit yours and see the health angle being explored. I will be here often and hope to see you on mine more.

    Jamie Who

  11. Did you have to send away for the samples? I want some!! I am so addicted to the greek yogurt, it's my new favorite snack, with some fun add-ins :)

  12. Kenny: thanks
    Ann: thanks
    Denise: I am enjoying every minute as folks tell me it goes back too fast!
    CG the Foodie: thanks, its great isn't it
    Sweta: sure do
    Jenn: I know
    The ungourmet: i love her
    Vrinda: like it you should try
    Dana: yep probiotics are good
    5 star foodie: shes started to crawl !
    Sanghi thanks
    Jamie Who I'll be back to yours also
    Gina: put a comment on yours with email


  13. I tried the Oikos too, very yummy. Your little one is so cute! Sweet dreams

  14. What a precious sweet :D

  15. Hi Rebecca: I am a huge fan of greeek yogurt you probably know from all my recipes with it. At any rate, you asked about my email qeusiton that you could not find: Someone told me that flaxseed is only beneficial IF it is ground up and that you do not get any benefits eating the seeds. Is this true? Does you body break down the seed at all or simply excrete it? Please emai the answer to me at

  16. I love that pic. I've been having a little "baby fever" as of aren't helping at all, lol!

    I received some yogurt coupons too, but haven't found time to buy them and use them in a recipe. My two sous chefs devoured the first two that I got (my hubs read the labels and thought they would be good for a snack). Good to know he was right!

  17. Erica, Kristin, girlichef: Thanks
    Jennifer I have emailed you, lol
    Calm in the kitchen : oo on the number 3 then he he




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