Tips to Stay in Shape While on Vacation

1. Walk whenever possible, we have been taking our baby out for strolls with family, altough it was very cold yesterday in Scotland despite blankets and gloves. Going to Edinburgh today to see friends, lets hope its warmer!!
2. Don't be afraid to say no to seconds, I have eaten so much cake at my Grandmas and Parents but when full politely say no, they will understand.
3. Even when traveling try and maintain regular meals, to keep your metabolism ticking over.
Just thought I would share, fingers crossed it works for me



  1. It's not easy to keep in shape even Not on vacation either....:-(((

  2. you can stay in shape, I'll help you lol rebecca

  3. We usually walk so much on our vacation during sighseeing that no matter how much I eat, I actually loose a few pounds :)

  4. thats a good tip!! hopefully France will be warmer than Scotland

  5. I most often lose weight on vacation because I'm so much more active! I'm glad you're staying busy and having a great time!


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