Friday, March 13, 2009

Fertilize your Body!

I just had my lawn fertilized and re seeded yesterday and it made me think of our bodies. The word fertilize means to make fertile or to enrich. We fertilize our lawns to promote grass growth and make the roots stronger, to help it recover from the seasons, heat of summer and frost in winter. To replenish nutrients to the soil and to choke out weeds.

Good Nutrition is fertilizer to our bodies, providing all the nutrients to restore and replenish our bodies after all the things we put them through. For example stress at work, lack of sleep, often skipping meals and poor diet. Take the time to focus on getting good nutrition, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, omega 3 fatty acids from flax seed, walnuts and oily fish. Get out and walk on sunny days to top up your vitamin D, choose lean cuts of meat and healthy oils like olive oil, watch portions and be active. Because if our precious bodies are in tip top condition we can choke out weeds!, nasty little bacteria that try and give us infections.

A well nourished and rested body will be able to fight off infections and is less likely to have problems with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.



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