Make Your Own Baby Food: Its Easy

I just wanted to write a wee post to tell everyone how easy it is to make your own baby food. I have been doing it and me and my little daughter love it.
For first tastes between 4- 6 months or when you feel your child is ready offer pureed fruits and vegetables.It is often best to introduce veggies first so they don't develop too much of a sweet tooth!

Simply heat the fruit in a pan to cook down then blend. It can be frozen in ice cube trays, or baby cubes. Our favourite is apples and pears, with a little blueberries. The fruit purees can be mixed with natural yogurt (after 6 months) or baby rice, then later oatmeal. I add the liquid vitamins to these, as I am breast feeding just to top her vitamin D, as they taste bad on their own!

For veggies cook them then blend carrots (get organic as lower in nitrates), zucchini, cauliflower and sweet potato blend well.
Then as you progress after 6 months you can start to make little meals and slowly introduce protein, such as meat. I make beef with a little onion, herbs, sauteed first. Then boiled with carrot, green beans and potato it tastes great. This is a balanced meal, protein, carbohydrate and 2 veg, perfect. If breast feeding after 6 months its vital to get sources of iron as the babies stores will start to diminish. The heme iron in red meat is easy for the body to absorb. At 6 months, a feeding cup can be introduced, I give spoons of water with meals, or let her drink out of a cup to practice. Then give her a cup to practice and finish of. Its important to give water to prevent constipation, as your feedings will be less frequent.

For vegetarians, ensure iron fortified cereal, also baby yogurts have extra iron. Then at 7 months egg and lentils can be introduced.
One book in particular has been a great help Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel, especially the chicken, sweet potato and apple. Also the fish in cheese sauce babies love them. Even my husband asked why can't you make this food for us!!
When pushed for time if traveling or out and about use jars, or instant food, like mashed banana or avocado mixed with baby rice.

So give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is, follow along with me we'll take the journey together.

Books: Top 100 Baby Foods by Annabel Karmel, So Easy Baby Food Ahlers and Tallman,
Blogs: this one!,
Tools: Beaba 4 in 1 steam, cooker, blender- a device that steamed and cooks the food then blends it all in one! - can be purchased at O'Baby Organics in Winston Salem, or you can cook on the stove and use a regular blender
Storage- Ice cube trays, baby cubes or any freezer container or bag.


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