Lunch Box Ideas: Tuna and Whole Wheat Pasta

Another easy peasy recipe.

Ingredients: 2 cans of tuna, 2 tablespoon light mayo, small chopped red onion, chopped cherry tomatoes,green peppers, chopped cucumber and cooked whole wheat pasta,
1. Simply cook the pasta let it cool and mix, with onion, cucumber, pepper- any color, tomato, light mayo and tuna.

This is a wonderful lunch and great for travel, we often make some to take on road trips, eat about a cup.
Its a great medium glycemic index meal with the whole wheat pasta and protein in the tuna it keeps you feeling full. Tuna is also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids great for heart health and to keep your triglycerides down.



  1. Wow-tuna and pasta!
    Good combo-I love tuna. I make it like 'scrambled eggs'(Indian style) with onions,tomatoes,chillies and lots of coriander leaves.

  2. I love that way to, post the recipe I think folks will like it. oh its good with fish fry masala and potato also

  3. Wonderful lunch idea! I'm always looking for new meat-free recipes for my daughter (preschool rules). Thanks!

  4. This looks great! Two of my favorite things: tuna and pasta.

  5. btw... congrats to you on becoming a featured publisher! =)


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