Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lifestyle Change Needs to Come First for Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

A recent study that looked 650 newly diagnosed type two diabetics in SW England found that within the first month 36% of patients were on medications. The researchers state that diet and exercise should be first line and all too often medication is used first, then folks don't really try lifestyle change. Diabetes is a chronic condition and worsens over time with the need for more medications and often insulin, the biggest factor with type 2 is weight. So by losing weight right of the bat it will decrease this need.
Its a great idea to consult a dietitian for tailored advice and ongoing support, it really helps.

Source: Diabetes in Control Newsletter Issue 460, Published March 17th


  1. It is so frustrating to have friends who need to lose weight and eat healthier yet they do not makes changes and simply pop pills and complain. In no means it is an easy task but an important one that people often choose not to do.

  2. good info rebecca..but link is not working :(

  3. That's so true-I've had so many patients who did very well with a diet and exercise lifestyle change and then there were some who just didn't want to even give it a try!!

  4. Its really difficult for folks they have to want to make a long term lifestyle change and need lots of support. Life gets stressful and its easier to take meds but if you work hard initially the need for medication will decrease. From my experience the key is long term support from friends and family and a good RD!! he he



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