The Raw Milk Debate

A great article was published today in The LA times highlighting the raw milk debate. One of my friends just mentioned to me she gives it to her son.,0,4757880.story

Raw milk straight from the cow that is unpasteurized is gaining popularity across the US. With folks stating it tastes better and due to the high levels of bacteria present, better for health. This is based on just a handful of European studies in Children. That showed kids who consumed raw milk had less allergies. Interesting in a study with 23,000 women in Iowa it actually increased allergies. Also the CDC reported 45 outbreaks, 2000 illnesses and 2 deaths related to this practice between 1998 and 2005. It is illegal in most states and the FDA has issued a warning.

One thing is for sure the debate will continue. But is it really worth the risk of possibly getting infected with E.coli, listeria or salmonella. When the good bacteria such as acidophilus and bifobacterium can be gotten from yogurt.


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