Do you ever wonder where your food comes from?

A new law will come into effect today making companies label produce and meats with the country it comes from. However processed food don't have to the Obama administration says its a start. I don't know if it will make folks make healthier choices but its interesting, I often pick up a piece of fruit and imagine how the orchard would be.

Amazingly America grows so much even in North Carolina where I live I am amazed by what folks grow in their back gardens squash, zucchini, apples, tomatos, spinach, okra, potatoes just to name a few. Check out your local farmers markets for great local and healthy produce and you may be surprised to see what's grown in your neck of the woods!
But remember unprocessed foods, with just one or two ingredients are much better for you, like fruits and vegetables, organic meats, lentils and beans and whole grain breads. If you don't know what the ingredient is don't eat it !!!


  1. Many folks here in Germany love to grow flowers, plants, and veggies, in Schrebergarden (allotment gardens, where people can grow veggies, flowers, etc. )
    I once tried to grow some turnips and herbs in my balcony...but I had no chance at all, I am just not that good at gardening....:-((((

  2. I like flower gardens and grew some tomatoes and herbs i love Germany nice country, the wine region of the black forest is awesome and the lil markets.
    thanks for the info wonderful to learn about other places Rebecca

  3. I love to buy local meats/food whenever I can. Fortunately, our regular store carries a few products and the farmers markets will be open in about two months!

  4. I love farmers markets also, where I used to live in Elkin my neighbours grew veggies and gave me them I was spoilt and patients brought them to me. Local meat and organic tastes better don't you think?

  5. I take ths kids with me everyThursday to out market downtown (once it opens again). It is actually a wonderuful event as it is on the RI/CT border so we are able to support growers in both states. We are also getting ready to build some raised beds as the kids are interested in gardening now.

  6. thats wonderful its do nice to see the comments and discuss and learn from each other love it


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