Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Talking Plate Helped Kids Eat Less

Source: The Daily Mail

A Device called a mandometer normally used to treat eating disorders was recently used to curb obesity in kids. The Mandometer weighs the food and plots a graph related to the rate at which food is removed from the plate. It is compared against an ideal curve.

Doctors in Bristol England decided to apply the device to kids to make them eat more slowly and be aware of eating. When the child was eating too fast it would tell them. The children ate less and at a slower rate and the results even lasted for 6 months.

Now we don't have one of these at home, but how many times do we wolf down our meals, or hurriedly eat in front of the TV.

In fact another article was published today in the Chicago Tribune, about the importance of family meal times :,0,6398328.story

Sit at the table and eat taste your food! and get family members or friends to tell you to slow down if needed!

What tips do you have?


and lastly here's Jasmine eating super, we made this little table and chairs together this afternoon took 3 hours! but she likes it I was sitting in one of the chairs luckily I didn't break it like Goldie Locks!



  1. I think adults need the mandometer more than the kids. Liked the pic of Jasmine eating supper. The little table and chairs look perfect together! Very sweet.

  2. LOL! I think adults need this gadget more than kids!

  3. Hahaa...totally agree with Angies.

  4. Love the table and chairs you made for Jasmine!

    I agree with all your commentors...we're all in too much of a hurry. My parents used to sit us down at the dinner table every night. I know it's really difficult with everyone going in a different direction these days, but I try to chew slowly and not eat quite so fast. Especially since I'm on this diet!

  5. What a great idea Rebecca. We are always in too much of a hurry. I hope there's an adult version.

    Jasmine looks so cute at her own little table.

  6. Love the chairs but not sure about the plate. I think if we model healthy living then that's our greatest tool.

  7. This sounds interesting. I have a few comments about it. First, why was it meant for people with eating disorders? I would think this would "Feed" the disorder. Also, I think there needs to do a longer study. After a year, this would get old, don't you think? Maybe I'm wrong. Either way it's a cool idea, and thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh Jasmine is so cute! She looks like she is eating well. I don't think kids need this mandometer. I think if we fed them healthy foods, listened to when they are full, and don't interfere too much with their appetite, it would be fine.

  9. Ha, funny you mentioned this, I had to tell my son after he scarfed down half of his food to slow down, I think we all need a little hint even after we get older...

    Yeah the table and chairs are so cute! So worth the memory...

  10. Whoa!! This is interesting ... LOL!! For someone who has to actually be put onto a diet needs this more than kids do! Goodness!


  11. That table and chairs are just beyond cute!! I think a plate that oinks when I take a bit will do nicely. ha ha Have a good day girl ~ ♥

  12. I too am looking for an adult version. We almost always eat as a family, even if it means a very late dinner. Conversation is key to slowing down your eating.

  13. 3 hungry tummies: he he
    Swapna: thanks so much I think we all need one in out head lol
    Angie: smiles
    Anncoo: smiles
    Barbara: I always made Jasmine sit with me, when she is not trying to climb out of her highchair!
    Sam: its a tool thanks hope you having fun in FL
    Foodie with a little thyme: I totally agree I thought it was a good conversation starter LOL
    Gina: I just posted it for fun really and to make people think we shouldn't need it at all I agree, oh follow the link and research about eating disorders I am not an expert LOL,
    fresh local and best: AMEN but I guess we are not always doing this as a society and need a reminder LOL
    Nastashya thanks
    peachkins: lol
    chef E oh it was fun to do it with her, she even tried to screw the bolts in again!
    Pei Lin: smiles
    the imperfect housewife: smiles

  14. I need a talking plate stat. Now.

  15. I've been trying to eat more slowly lately as well. It really helps to think about what I'm eating and enjoy it rather than wolf it down. This is definitely an interesting invention. Probably useful for kids and adults alike.

  16. Claudia: smiles
    Joanna: oh thats great i am lucky I have no need to rush being at home lol



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