Guest Post: Iranian Eggplant and Tomato

It is with great pleasure to introduce the very talented Azita to you from Turmeric and Saffron I came across her on twitter went to her blog and fell in love with the cooking, she kindly agreed to share a dish from her homeland of Iran. When we were in Dubai a few years back we ate in an Iranian restaurant and loved it, so with her blog we can all learn about the wonderful dishes from this region.

I was born and raised in Iran. I left home many years ago to pursue a higher education here in the states.
I've been living in NY ever since. I'm a counselor, a Persian teacher on weekends, a mother of two and an enthusiastic food blogger.

Simmered Fried Eggplants & Tomatoes

This is a light and simple dish that my sister used to make when we both lived at home.
It's one thing to enjoy the home-cooked meals prepared by your mom but to experience the meals that your caring sister makes is truly something else!
She would move around the kitchen like a feather in the sky and in 20 minutes your dinner would be ready.Voila!
So, this is her recipe and I'm sure she wouldn't mind my sharing it with you all.


  • 2 large eggplants
  • 4 small tomatoes, sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced (optional)
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 teaspoon turmeric
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Peel and slice eggplants in 1/2 inch circles. Place them in a deep bowl, add a tablespoon of salt and fill the container with water.
  2. Place a heavy object on top to keep the eggplants down for about 15 minutes. Drain and dry with paper towels.
  3. Fry eggplants in hot oil 5 minutes per side, until light brown.
  4. In a skillet pour a cup of water, bring to a gentle boil, add turmeric and garlic. Lower heat to medium-low and place the eggplant rounds in the skillet and cover with tomato slices.
  5. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover the skillet and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve warm with yogurt, fresh herbs and warm bread.


me drinking tea in The Iranian Restaurant of course as a Brit I loved this!

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  1. What a nice refreshing recipe! Should be yummy to go with some french bread. Rebecca, i'm joining in for tea too! Do you mind I sit next to you? =)

  2. Can I join you guys for tea? :D , your blog is introducing me to new cuisines, thanks a bunch :), Love the eggplant dish , and to check out her blog.

  3. I love this type of food too! I must vist Azita to check more of her Iranian food.
    I love the tea cup set, so pretty!

  4. Wonderful recipe--love the tomato and eggplant combination. Great guest post!

  5. That looks very delicious and healthy too!

  6. The tea set is so cute! Thanks for sharing recipes from Iran. Will hop onto her blog soon.

  7. Dear,

    Eggplants with tomatoes looks perfect, its so different and nice.

    Please check out 'Kitchen Mishaps Event Roundup' at my blog.

    I appreciate, your comforting words to the participants. I believe, it will greatly boost their energy...who daringly shared their cooking disasters.

    Thank you,
    Malar Gandhi

  8. Wow, what a lovely dish. Simple but definitely delicious. Can I join you for tea as well? :)

  9. That looks wonderful, I love middle eastern vegetable dishes, they are always so tasty and healthy too.

  10. A grand way to eat eggplants - love the spices and tomatoes. A nice change from my prep. Delicious.

  11. My little space: sure pull up a chair!
    Peanutts: you will love her blog my pleasure
    Anncoo: I know I loved and and got hubby to get a snap lol
    Deb: will tell her
    3 hungry tummies: smiles
    Cheah: u will love it
    Malar sure
    Divina: sure would be great if you could join us
    Sarah: oh me too lol
    Claudia: so nice to learn new ways

  12. Nice, I love, no adore eggplant, and my love affair with tomatoes only adds more beauty to this dish!

  13. That looks absolutely fantastic. I love what wonderful photos you have on your blog too. Wow. My husband is going to love this. One of his favorite things is eggplant. Thanks!

  14. this is a nice recipe to incorporate more veggies into my diet..

  15. I need to cook more veggie dish like this!
    You look so happy and beautiful on the picture.

  16. Great recipe...what a yummy combo.. I too love Iranian tea, Rebecca :-)

  17. I want to join you for tea, too! Looks wonderful, Rebecca! As always :)

  18. azita that is really wonderful- to be a guest blogger- congrats, dear. this post is of course as wonderful as all your other ones. and a big hello to the chow and chatter blogger! sending you best wishes, shayma

  19. What a lovely and refreshing recipe and it's nice to meet you.

  20. Lovely recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Chef E: great combo isn't it
    Denise: oh thanks so much
    peachkins: this is a great one for sure
    Angie: oh thanks it was a nice trip
    Gulmohar; i don't know where i will ever have it around here though lol
    prevention RD: theres a space for you
    Shayma: thanks for stopping by smiles
    shri sam and mimi
    will pass on the comments to Azita

  22. This sounds delicious! Great guest post. I love just about any dish with eggplant.

  23. Such a deceptively simple dish - those are the best!

  24. Simple and delicious, I love it!
    Great photo too, such fun!

  25. another great guest post - love the recipe - love the photos!

  26. What a delicious and simple dish!Great guest post!

  27. Joanne: will pass it along
    Trix: well said
    Natashya: will tell her lol
    doggy bloggy: thanks she will be happy
    Erica: will tell her

    Love Rebecca

  28. It has been a pleasure to share my recipe with all of you. I enjoyed reading all of your warm comments. Thank you Rebecca for inviting me to do a guest post on your lovely blog.
    I would love to join you for a cup of tea too!

    Best Wishes,


  29. Lovely an dfresh! and what a pretty teapot. WIsh I was there :))

  30. Looks great! I might have to try that one!

  31. Lovely recipe and well presented. Do visit my blog when time permits.

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