Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wrapped up Monuments

Pont Neuf Bridge Paris
Milano 1970

Coastline in Australia in the 1960's

Cristo and Jean Claude two artists' famous for wrapping up monuments to remind us of the gifts we have all around us were mentioned to be by Laura in Paris. I loved this and just had to write a blog post on it. Maybe for christmas and Thanksgiving instead of going crazy on gifts we could wrap up out cars, homes and loved ones and the turkey!
The final picture is out of the flight coming back to Greensboro wow how beautiful and blessed we are to have majestic sights all around us and often don't notice them.

So going to make Aloo Gobi and chappati today hubby is craving Indian food again, the washing machine is getting a workout and little Jasmine is happy finding all her old toys !

Love to you all, I am blessed to have the gift of great blogging buddies


  1. Fab photos and great to have you back!

  2. Glad you are back,Rebecca!Nice pictures.

  3. These are special gifts Rebecca!! Gorgeous pictures :)



  4. Guess, you're going to miss Paris! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures. Cheers.

  5. Mardi: thanks your too kind
    Angie: oh cauliflower and potato curry
    Vrinda: thanks
    Erica: thank you
    Gera; fab art isn't it
    my little space: i sure will

  6. Neat post! I'm with your husband, I think I could eat Indian food every day!

  7. These photos are fantastic! That shot of the sky is indeed incredible.

  8. I never heard of wrapped up monuments! How neat looking! Glad your home and getting settled back in.

  9. Wow, they look beautiful, even wrapped up. Welcome back!

  10. Nicole: smiles
    fresh local and best: i know I just had to get a snap
    Reeni: thanks
    Gaga: thanks so much
    Simply Gluten free: it really makes your think right



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