Thursday, November 19, 2009

My First Attempt at Macarons!

Notice I used the word attempt to make macaron's since coming back from France I am craving all things French, I also made Madeleine's today much more successful, recipe to follow.
So I didn't have any almond paste or a piper to get them in a lovely shape, so in essence I made little meringues with nutella inside!
I must say very tasty all the same, I also sprinkled some lemon moravian cookies on the top for a local twist.

  • 3 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoon of cocoa
  • nutella
  1. whisk the egg whites until fluffy and stiff then add in the cocoa and sugar
  2. add little dollops onto the parchment paper and sprinkle the cookies on top
  3. allow them to sit for 30 minutes to an hour, per Jamie of life's a feast she is the best Mac maker!
  4. bake in the oven at 280 degrees for 20- 30 minutes
  5. let them cool them stuff with nutella

The finished product not so pretty as some ingredients were omitted and I didn't pipe them, next time I will be more precise he he, I know I need to be as a baker!

I also want to thank Anncoo of Anncoo's hobby and Kristy of My Little Space for the appreciation award, I wish to pass this along to all of you as well. I so appreciate your support readership and comments, they make my day. I also adore reading all of your blogs.


  1. Hey Rebecca
    Nice attempt with the macrons. Dont worry about its look . I am sure it would have tasted great.

  2. At least you did better that I did when I attempted to make meringues recently. Not a pretty site. lol. I'll eventually try making macarons, too.

  3. yay for attempting macarons! farther than ive gotten..haha

  4. I'm glad you attempted Macarons. Actually yours turned out quite well, if you had piped them, I'm pretty sure they would have been perfectly round but they did rise very nicely!

  5. Good go, you brave girl. I haven't tried making them yet. Can't wait to see your madeleines.

  6. I am so impressed you made them--I love them but have not dared to try. They look like they tasted delicious!

  7. Nice one - they turned out pretty well considering you did not pipe them etc... They are very "rustic"!

  8. Oh I get it, these are different from the traditional Jewish macaroon. I almost forgot you were in France and I think I saw pics from when you had these there. they look good wither way.

  9. Well, you are a lot braver than I...these type of finicky items I have avoided so far...still very new on the journey of baking so things which are too precise scare me! I like the comment someone made about them being rustic...grin. I think they are fine too!

  10. VS: thanks for the kind words lol
    Jenn: go on girl, maybe next time they will look right!
    ktbwood: thanks sweet of you your turn next!
    Michelle: thanks so much yep need a piper!
    Dajana: oh they turned out a bit better although a little sticky he he
    Deb: oh I bet you can do it lol
    Mardi: i like it Rustic macs, can be a nice craze!
    Jewish: yep different
    Trish: i know rustic is good name for them!

  11. That's a very good first attempt! Doesn't matter what they look like as long as they taste great, right?

  12. I have to congratulate you for making these. I never made them yet. I can't judge but it's appearance, I'm sure they will still be nice.

  13. Gr8 attempt with macarons,i haven't tried yet...

  14. I tried to make cookies last week!!!!Trust me you did a lot better than me :) Mine are in the trash now.

  15. Palidor: oh you said that right lol
    Divina: thanks you are too kind
    Vrinda: oh I bet yours would be great
    Erica: oh bless you are like me more of a savory cook smiles
    CG thanks

  16. Your cookies look delicious! Love the flavors! Congrats on your award!

  17. Brave gal. My husband was in Paris last weekend, and he received sms instructions to bring back a pack - he brought 3. It was my first time of seeing themin the flesh and not on the computer! They were amazing - crisp, soft and chewy...all the same. Good on you for trying

  18. thanks ozoz please hubby brought you some more than 3 next time!

  19. You did a great job. As someone wrote to me recently, "If the the look is not perfect and the taste is, who cares about the look?'

    I happen to think the look is fine though.

    I made cookies tonight and if you could see how far from the original cookies they came out, you would be patting yourself on the back.

    Congrats on trying a new recipe.

    Could we make a date for the week of Chanukah for what we had discussed. I know, I am way behind. If the offer is still good, I would love to.

  20. Well done on the macarons, bet they tasted good anyway.

  21. I should try to make macaroons too. You did a good job!

  22. they are good! they are so tricky... we will all try again :)

  23. Hi Rebecca! Haven't talked with you in forever! How's everything?

    As for me, I'm just going through your lovely site here!

    Trying to catch up on a lot of my favorite blogs!

    You did a great job with the macarons. If you had piped them, I'm sure they would have came out perfect! Macarons are tricky things if you have the science down or not... Took me forever just to get mine to be half descent when I began baking macarons a few years ago...

    With all of this macaron talk I feel like I have to go munch on some now! Sadly, we don't have any...



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