Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guest Post: Fresh From New York

I am so excited to give you a guest post from Christine of Fresh Local and Best, shes lovely and her blog is fab, sophisticated and full of great eats, enjoy....
When Rebecca asked me to write a guest post for Chow and Chatter, I thought, of course! It's the least I can do for someone who so graciously supports and encourages fellow blogger's through her kind and thoughtful comments. Since I write from New York and focus predominantly on fresh fruits and vegetables on my blog, I knew exactly which topic to share, a visit to the Union Square Farmers' Market.

I receive so much inspiration from the farmers' market that I can't help but attempt to capture the simple beauty of the fresh fruits and vegetables displayed. Being surrounded by fragrant and gorgeous produce is invigorating to me, it awakens my senses and feeds my curiosity, creativity and imagination. Wherever I go in the world, I look forward to visiting the local markets because it tells me so much about the locals' way of life.

This bouquet of ornamental cabbage embodies the raw and innate beauty of fruits and vegetables particularly well.

Since I was at the farmers market on Halloween Day, there were plenty of adorable kids and dogs dressed up festively. This little monkey brings to new meaning to the word cute.

Trick or treat? Most kids will call wheat grass a trick, but in addition to being cute, wheat grass is quite good for you.

It never ceases to amaze me the discovery that occurs at the farmers market. There are often new varieties of a familiar vegetable such as this green cauliflower. Earlier this season I found purple and orange versions, which gave me so much delight as I have tremendous love for the new and unique.

Sometimes it's the same vegetable, only offered in a unfamiliar format. Brussels sprouts on the stalk are so cool, perhaps even cool enough to entice your kids into eating them.

Sometimes there are fruits and vegetables that are completely foreign. This fruit was advertised as a natural roach repellent, does anyone know what this is? This is an example of farmers' market discovery and exploration at its best.

The autumn harvest was bountiful this year. The holidays are coming up and being offered at the markets are beautiful ways to incorporate this year's harvest into your home decoration.

As it gets colder the produce being offered at the market will soon be predominantly root vegetables to sustain us through the winter. These parsnips will add a nice flavor to winter stews and soups.

If you haven't tried celery root, you should try it! It adds an exquisite flavor to salads and mashed potatoes.

Indian corn, in addition to being decorative makes great popcorn.

Also sustaining us through the winter will be apples. Sometimes, apples harvested in the fall will be sold from storage through June the following year.

Bosc pears are my favorite among the varieties available. They won't last as long as apples, which simply gives an additional incentive to cook them more frequently while they are in season.

These pomaceous looking fruit is not an apple or pear, or even related to either. Believe it or not, this quince is part of the rose family.

There's just so much beauty at the farmers' market, which is why I can't help but focus on fresh foods.


  1. Just love the farmer's market. It makes me smile going to these places. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  2. What a lovely post...all of your pictures are amazing...I love the Farmer's Market and you've brought it right to my door (okay, computer). I think that fruit is a Hedge Apple. I don't even know if people eat them or not, I've only ever heard of sitting them in dark corners of your home as a pest/insect deterrent! :D

  3. All these are quite familiar to me. Because I always like to visit farmers' market when I am in the States. Great pics!

  4. Beautiful! I love the wheat grass pumpkins so much! I wanna do it next year! :D

  5. what a wonderful market!!! thanks for the beautiful photos!

  6. Thanks for sharing those amazing picture! I just gotta love them.

    It's been a while since I've been to a farmers market. I just wish I can go to one.

  7. Excellent Pictures....! and seeing all this fresh produce...makes me proud to be a new yorker...

  8. So many new and interesting things at the Farmer's Market! I swear I've seen those strange green fruits on trees at Central Park (near where Harlem Hill starts) and have always wondered what they were.

  9. Christine and Rebecca,
    Thanks for this wonderful post! Just looking at the photos of the greenmarket is so relaxing; my farmer's market trips are a high point of my week.

    The naturally bug repellent fruits in one of your pics are hedgeapples; they are the fruit of the Osage orange tree. Interesting find - I've never seen them at the farmer's market before!

  10. Rebecca- Thanks for having me guest post. I provided a recipe for garam marsala on my blog as it is very popular in your cooking.

    Nancy - Fantastic to know! I'm impressed with your knowledge.

  11. Wow what a feast of colour and variety. Thanks for sharing your farmers market visit.

  12. HI all so pleased you loved Christines local market how cool it is LOL, and will make sure she gets all of your lovely comments Rebecca

  13. Wonderful guest post with gorgeous photos. Farmer's markets are truly an inspiration.

  14. Thanks for the photos and all that information. I learned so much from reading this.

  15. What a beautiful tour of the market! And a reminder that I want to try Quince, something I've never had before.

  16. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for a wonderful virtual tour of the market!

  17. will pass on all of your wonderful comments love Rebecca

  18. A bountiful harvest indeed! We are so blessed to have the Union Square Market and all it has to offer. I'm particularly fond of the orange cauliflower myself ... and I love the festive Halloween atmosphere too!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photos! I just love every single one of them.

  20. What a great post from Christine!! Loved the tour of the farmers market in NYC! and yes, those are hedge apples and not edible. They sell them everywhere in Iowa and are said to repel spiders during the winter. I think it's a wives tale, has never repelled any spiders in my home, lol!!

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