Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paris Eats

So here are todays eats so far!, we went to have a hot chocolate at the Famous Angelina's I would say so so, far too sweet for me, and a rip of !, if you ever read Jamies blog Life's a feast her Macaroons look a thousand times better! the two cups of hot chocolate and 4 tiny macaroons cost a whopping 20 Euros!

Don't judge a book by its cover they look great but don't taste as good as they look!

You learn something new every day my hubby told me while sitting there that the macaroons in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu South India taste a lot better. In fact this city is known as the macaroon capital of India and are made with cashew nuts, oh I must try on my next visit to India!, he used to eat them in his school days, how cool!

Lunch was better ...

French Onion Soup, I must say this was yummy and very filling with all the bread soaked inside, great for cool weather like today

croque madame

the last picture is a chocolate in the shape of cheese how cool is that!

We made baguettes in the flat tonight and hubby made rice, its so expensive here I feel for the Parisians, the US is cheaper in my opinion.
I also brought filter coffee to make in the flat in the morning, will get the crossaint from the bakery but not paying 3.75 Euros each day for a tiny coffee, in Rome a cappucinno at the bar was 1 Euro!

Love and hugs from the beautiful city of Paris



  1. The food certainly looks great. Paris is always very very expensive, even in the 1970's so nothing changes.

  2. I'm so inspired by how fabulously you are eating right now!

  3. I want that cheese shaped chocolate round. lol. a good way to trick the mind and eye.

  4. Good that I am not a sweet person then, grin....although I like to bake sweets. I'd rather have that french onion soup any day!

  5. I think if you were earning a Parisian salary it might not seem as expensive. The exchange rate is definitely not on your side right now! When I lived there, I didn't earn much but led a pretty good life.. I guess because I wasn't converting currency in my head which is hard not to do when you are on holidays.. And Angelina's is lovely for the experience, but yes quite $$. It is not the place to eat macarons - go to Laudrée or Elysée Lenôtre.... Enjoy the rest of your eating!!

  6. My mouth is watering! That onion soup looked incredible! Enjoy, girlie!

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  8. Sorry to hear that your breakfast was not as good as you expected, but luckily you got a yummy onion soup, lovely!

  9. how are traveling and eating geat gal...and I reaaly suggest you taste some while in India. Its a real deal :)

  10. Everything is so nice here, wish that I can join you :)

  11. When in Paris, the splurge on hot chocolate and not so great macaroons are worth it. This time you are paying for the experience :-)
    I love the photos of your feasts! So appetizing! Thanks for sharing your food experience with all your foodie friends.

  12. Oh, I am not sure my tea invitation on Sunday will be any better than your experience at Angelina's

  13. I would love to visit Paris!The food looks wonderful.

  14. Oh What gorgeous treats !

  15. I too love Jamie's blog. The euro to the dollar is awful right now. That's why we are home instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary in France. Have fun and don't worry about it. A bientot.

  16. Janice: you are so right he he
    Fresh local and best oh maybe you can cook some of it!
    Jenn: i know cool right
    Trish: oh that was lovely
    Mardi: thanks so much LOL, you make great points
    Nicole: thanks so much
    Kenny: yep thats the cool thing about food, theres always something good around the corner!
    Jhonny: oh yep on my list for my next visit
    Anncoo: wish you were all here
    Velva: oh my pleasure its fun to share it with you all as I know you love food!
    Laura: oh of course it will be much better than that LOL
    Reeni: i am so lucky
    Erica: oh you would love it
    Sophie: oh you are so right lol
    Nat: more on the way!
    Sam: great advice happy Anniversary lol

  17. macarons with cashew sounds amazing! I've never been a huge fan of almonds.

    that croque madame looks positively sinful

  18. LK oh the Indian ones do sound good right

  19. I have heard Paris is expensive. So is Italy.

  20. Gosh, Paris is somewhere you could get fabulaous food and wine and so is nice places to visit! And also blogger buddies to meet! =)

  21. Oh my, the the croque & french onion soup just so inviting.... m... mmm.... You're so lucky!

  22. I just love French Onion I want details! What kind of bread was it? How was the cheese? What was the broth like? HA! Guess I just wish I was there, hmmm?

  23. That's too bad that the macarons didn't taste as good as they look. But lunch looked much better!

  24. Diana: oh it is so expensive
    my little space; yep sure is
    timeless gourmet thanks for visiting, oh not sure french bread!
    hummingbird: yeop



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