Monday, November 9, 2009

Roses and Kebabs!

Here's a couple of snaps from a lovely Lebanese lunch we had, fresh hummus and pita, lamb burger and a lamb kebab wow yummy, followed by a walk in Regents Park and there were still a few roses in bloom what a treat.

More hugs from the UK


  1. Oh! I remember all the lovely and sweet scented roses from Regent's park! It's my favorite one of all the parks in London.

  2. Aww I used to live near Regents Park!

    Hope you're having a lovely trip!

  3. I can imagine the smell! Oh how I miss my favorite Lebanese place in Dallas, and all the great greek food I do not have here!

    How cute you two look in that bed of roses...

  4. lebanese..greek, israeli--anything mediterranean...I am on..this looks awesome :)

  5. I can call a brilliant combo both wonderful for the senses enjoy your trip :)



  6. fresh local and best: oh it is a lovely park I agree
    Melinda: the British love their roses
    A Bowl Of Mush: oh wow thats a cool place to live
    Janice: it was good
    Chef E: oh Dallas sounds like some good eats
    Jhonny : oh i agree
    Gera: thanks so much

  7. What a gorgeous rose! The food looks delicious. I've only had Lebanese food a couple of times. There's no restaurant near where I live!

  8. I love UK! Hope I will make it there again someday for a nice long holiday :D

  9. Palidor: oh theres not one where I live in the US either so have to eat lots when abroad he he
    petite nyonya: oh i hope you can soon lol



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