Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tea with Laura

Today we all had the pleasure of having tea and homemade cake with Laura from Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook
It was lovely to meet another blogger on our trip, she is such an intelligent and kind lady and has a great blog full of information on travel and food with a focus on wonderful French food.
Laura's wonderful cake, oh I have eaten a lot of amazing cakes on this trip from my Grandma, to all the small patisseries, Jamie's lush Chocolate cake and now Laura's lucky we have been walking a lot and carrying the stroller up and down the stairs to prevent too much weight gain!!
Me and the lovely Laura

Our little family at the Eiffel Tower, sweet memories nearly 10 years ago we came here when we were dating now we have a cute little daughter with us!

Lunch: Moroccan Tajine with meatballs, potatoes, and pea's this was so good, I really need to get a Tajine!

on the way to the Eiffel tower we had a coffee I adored the cups and just had to share a snap of them.

I brought madeleine molds, so watch this space maybe I can be a baker yet!, the French and fellow bloggers have inspired me but watch out I may be messaging you all for advice!

Love from my second last night in Paris!


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