Saturday, November 14, 2009

Macarons with Life's a Feast!

We just returned from a lovely couple of days in Nantes after meeting the lovely and talented Jamie from Life's a Feast what a treat. I am amazed by food blogging and how much fun it is also to meet a person with a shared interest of food and travel after reading each other's blogs and twittering is amazing!

We took the famous and very fast TGV train from Paris and arrived in Nantes in 2 hours, Nantes is a pleasant town in The Loire region West of Paris with a beautiful Chateau and cathedral and cute little shops. We had the pleasure of having lunch at Jamie's and she made this amazing chocolate cake for us, it was scrumptious and wonderfully moist. I blogged that we were disappointed by the macarons in Angelina's and she even made macaron's for us, I am touched by what a sweet host and lovely person Jamie is.

We happily finished of the little chocolate macarons that night in our hotel.
For those bloggers meeting up in London at Food Blogger's connect you are in for a treat with Jamie in your presence LOL

Our little Angel tucking in!
This mornings market, great cheeses, fruit and vegetables, crepes, fresh breads, fresh seafood and more, I will write a post soon!

Brittany is famous for Galette/ crepes made with buckwheat oh they were so good, this one is with ham and cheese, it was also a welcome break from the rain it was thunder and hailing this afternoon!
So back in Paris for a couple more days before heading back to North Carolina, and meeting Laura from Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook tomorrow for tea!

This has been such an amazing trip thanks for all coming along

Love from France!


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