Monday, November 23, 2009

No Need to Fast for a Cholesterol Test

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have found that there is no need to fast before a cholesterol test it has been advised for decades to do this to get a more accurate LDL (bad) cholesterol number.

However after data from 300, 000 patients was analyzed the results show that the numbers were just as accurate as if they had eaten before the test. Also apolipoprotein testing was of no added benefit.

So maybe it will be easier in future to have a quick lipid check up in the doctors office.

The American Heart Association Recommends:

  • Total Cholesterol: Less then 200mg/dL
  • HDL (good) more than 40mg/dL for men and more than 50mg/dL for women
  • Triglycerides: less than 150mg/dL
  • LDL: less than 100mg/dL
Ensure a healthy balanced diet rich in monounsaturated fats like olive oil, eliminate trans fats (found in a lot of fast foods, stick margarines and convenience foods), eat lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Also know your numbers, you are in control of your health, and can be in the best shape possible.

I have just read an article in the NY times where scientists are developing nano particles to mimic HDL good cholesterol and mop up cholesterol in the articles and possible reverse some of the damage of atherosclerosis (hardening of the articles), WOW



  1. Thank goodness! I don't remember my numbers exactly, but I had less than 200 total, three times as much HDL as LDL.

  2. Interesting post!! I find that so hard to believe, but research is research. The triglycerides wouldn't be accurate though, as those go up right after you eat.

  3. great info ..though a study may not be completely believable sometimes:)

    i got my levels checked up recently n was happy to see them normal, even thoguh i am a bit overweight ...all the good healthy eating pays off...:)

  4. Fresh Local and Best: pleased your numbers were good
    Gina: true but follow the link more on this
    sangeeta: yeah lots of folks in it though pleased your numbers are good but your eat very well lol

  5. Thanks for the info and links Rebecca! And I love your new header!

  6. thanks sweet Reeni your is cool as well

  7. Huh, this is so interesting! I never knew this!! Our clinic, I learned today, has a LDL goal of 70 mg/dl or less for our diabetics. I thought this was outrageous! Some studies show the lower the better and I was just blown away by this...I had no idea! Great post, girl!

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by, and please do come again. Interesting info!

  9. Thanks for this very good information. My cholestrol is checked every two years. Next time, I will have to
    ask the doctor if I should fast and why...could be an interesting conversation.
    Thanks for sharing this information with us. Knowledge is power.

  10. This is great to know! It's almost like they need to torture us a bit before a test so we know they mean business! LOL!

  11. Thanks for all of the info! Realistically, I think it is probably true that fasting doesn't really have an effect on your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is not like blood sugar which changes rapidly on a minute to minute basis. Instead it takes a lot longer (days) to see vast changes in cholesterol which is why there is no quick fix to get rid of atherosclerosis.

  12. Nicole: wow thats low but I guess if it reduces risk?
    unconfidential cook:my pleasure sure will
    Velva: my hubby says it will change soon he is an MD
    Bhavesh: thanks for stopping by just been on your site great photos
    Joanne; well said I agree

  13. Thanks for passing on that good information.

  14. Thank you very much for sharing the info, Rebecca!



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