Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vegetable Korma and Springpad

Today I ended up making Vegetable Korma, it was my first time making it and I used Amma's recipe from my blog archive from when she was here. It was easy to make and delicious hope you like it

  • fennel seeds
  • oil
  • salt
  • 3 cloves
  • 1 stick cinnamon
  • garlic/ginger paste
  • 1 big tomato
  • coconut either frozen or the milk
  • masala powder

  1. heat the oil and add fennel, cloves, cinnamon, onion and curry leaves- 3 min
  2. add ginger/garlic paste
  3. then add tomato and reduce down for 3 minutes
  4. add lots of vegetables chopped into small pieces, Amma says the more colorful the better
  5. add a cup of water and masala powder to taste and salt cover and simmer for 10 min
  6. add coconut with a little garam masala

Fry the onions and spices with the garlic then add the tomato and reduce down to a paste
add loads of chopped veggies, add water and masala powder and simmer slowly
The finished product
This was breakfast with a lovely fig Jam we brought back from Paris yummy

I also want to mention that I have added a new feature to the site on recipe posts there is a little icon share it, or save it. This directs you to springpad, a site where you can store all of your favorite recipes. I thought this was such a neat idea how often do we see recipes and bookmark them so now we can create our very own online cook book.

is a free online personal organizer that helps people get things done. From food and entertainment to parenting and managing the day-to-day, springpad makes it easy for you to collect, use and share content from bloggers, brands and trusted friends to help organize your life. To date, the springpad community of hundreds of food bloggers and thousands of members have already collected and shared more than 50,000 recipes and created more than 15,000 weekly meal plans.

What is your favorite food item you have brought back from a trip lately?


  1. So nice to see you back. I am sure you enjoyed your trip in France especially spending the time with Laura.
    BTW, To show my appreciation for your support, please pick the Award from my place.

  2. That is one of my favourite dishes. Thanks for sharing this recipe. That fig jam looks pretty delicious too!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  3. Looks yummy with all of the lovely veggies and the jam looks so delicious too!

    I signed up for springpad but I haven't set it up yet. It looks great!

  4. Welcome back home, Rebecca! I see you are still having Paris at your table!

  5. Welcome home, Rebecca! I guess you're most probably busy doing your laundry, right now! hehe... I've an award for you too. Cheers.

  6. Hope to be able to make this dish some day. i love this one.

  7. Glad to have you back!

    Veggie delish!

  8. Great idea! I copy or cut out all my recipes, then throw them in a binder, which is really unorganized. I should just start saving them online, it makes a lot more sense!

    This recipe looks fantastic.

  9. Just had soup for lunch, and now suddenly I want a Korma. Thanks. lol.

  10. Good to c u back Rebecca, veg kurma is one of my fav,looks yumm .thanx for the info abt springpad,will try...

  11. all I need is a piece of roti to mop up the gravy!!

  12. Glad to know that you had a wonderful holiday. Vegetable korma looks so healthy with all that veggies. I too like to chop them in big size. Fig jam idea is lovely. Springpad seems comfy.

  13. I have never tried this dish before but the flavors sound delicious. I am going to have to check out springpad as well!

  14. i bet your trip to france must be memorable.
    look at the fig jam, is it something french?! :P

  15. Wow, so, what's the word I am looking for other than delicious. Oh, exotic looking. Welcome back!!!!

  16. Anncoo: thanks so much for the award will post today
    Natasha: my pleasure let me know how it goes
    the ungourmet: thanks
    Laura: oh can't beat good jams lol
    my little space: oh yeah got that right now on to the ironing thanks for the award
    Melinda: oh you must lol
    TKW: thanks
    Gina: wow you do that I am touched love Rebecca
    Luigi: smiles
    Vrinda: thanks so much
    Angie: oh and this is a good way to add lots
    3 hungry tummies oh great idea love roti
    viki: oh I bet you make it really well
    Bridgett: oh I bet you could add your recipes as well
    lululu they say it is lol thanks so much

  17. This sounds really great, Rebecca! Hope you can make it to my Thanksgiving recipe exchange party on HHM this saturday night! Stop by the community and check it out!

  18. I love Indian food, especially in the fall and winter. The spices make me feel all warm and cozy.
    Looks very tasty indeed.
    Fig jam sounds excellent.
    We don't travel much, but when we are in Niagara we like to stop at Upper Canada Cheese for their handmade cheese. Also Olsen's bakery for gorgeous loaves. Mmmm..
    Hey - they would be great with your fig jam!

  19. I spent 3 weeks in the southwest of France with my boyfriend's family and we brought home piment d'espelette. Definitely my favorite souvenir :)

  20. springpad looks like a useful tool. I'm going to create an account.

  21. What a delicious dish. And fig jam! I totally want some :D

  22. Vegetable korma sounds delicious, welcome back home!

  23. Catherine: thanks so much will try and stop by
    Natasha: oh can't beat home made cheese and yep that jam with go nicely with the cheese and bread
    DhaleB: what a great experience for you isn't it gorgeous there
    hummingbird: i have saved a few lol
    girlichef: will send some your way!
    5 star foodie thanks so much

  24. I've been dying to make some Indian fare and this looks delicious!



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