Columbian Inspired Spicy Baked Chicken

So the other day I was reading Erica's blog, My Columbian Recipes and her chicken recipe caught my eye, as everything does on there! , it called for fresh cilantro and thyme I didn't have either. So I added coriander/cilantro powder and curry leaves, also masala powder and came up with this, it is really good.

  • 3 chicken legs or thighs
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon coriander powder
  • one teaspoon salt or less
  • 10 curry leaves
  • one spoon garam masala
  • one spoon Amma's masala powder
  • one spoon cumin powder
  • a little lemon juice
  • one spoon vinegar
  1. blend all of the above ingredients together minus the chicken
  2. then mix with the chicken and marinate for a few hours, Erica did it overnight I bet this is better but I was hungry!
  3. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes at 300 degree's
I ate it with back beans and rice and veggies

Go on give it a shot got to love fusion food!

What creative dishes have you come up with lately?


  1. I made this too!! but not with all the additions! looks good

  2. Looks delicious! I've made a sweet potato soup recently, as well as some delicious appetizers. This weekend I hope to try a few new recipes, but I've been in a slump this past week as far as "newness". I'll get on that this weekend! Have a good weekend, Rebecca!

  3. Yes, well creativity and Gina don't mix well together. The most creative I've been in the past week was mixing my lean ground turkey with avocado and red pepper, to make it expand and make more delicious burgers!

    This dish does sound really delicious. I love all those flavors.

  4. Jhonny; wow so cool you made it as well.
    Nicole: oh will look forward to see what you make Nicole great to know you
    Gina: oh but thats pretty creative have a lovely weekend

  5. Hi Rebecca. I just love the idea of a deeply flavorful spicy baked that you've used dark meat too...!...That gravy is perfect for some crusty bread : )

  6. It looks very mouthwatering and delicious!

  7. Sounds like it would be good if you like chicken. As for creative I made a tofu scamble with artichokes and served over barley, pics on my blog. It was tasty.

  8. I read her blog too, and this looks delicious.

  9. That chicken look delicious, Rebecca! I love all the addtions.

  10. Rebecca....this does look good and I think you did well without having had the right ingredients, eh? Creativity is what makes confidence! Right? Fusion...gosh...everything I make is a bit of this or that....or a dinner might be one dish from this country and one from that....that is how I like it!

  11. I am making this tomorrow!! That is going to be my creative dish. Is it ok that I am copying?? YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing....

  12. Nice, Rebecca! I like Erica's blog as well. You made some excellent substitutions. The dish looks rich and flavorful. So often when we're missing an ingredient or two, we end up inventing an even better dish!

  13. Nat: oh wish i could walk to the bakery and get one like in France!
    Deb: thanks so much
    Denise: thanks
    Melinda: thats cool
    Lea Ann: thanks for visiting, isn't it great
    Erica: thanks hope you didn't mind!
    Trish: fusion rocks!
    Barbara: thanks so much
    Ginger: cool look forward to seeing on your blog maybe you can change it up as well!

  14. Beautiful weekend meal!!! I love all the spices and flavors.

  15. Girl these are many of my favorite flavors here, so you know I love this...

  16. Hi, Rebecca,
    This chicken dish looks great! I enjoyed reading about your trip. -Tien

  17. Sarah: thanks so much
    Chef E: oh I bet you would love this one lol
    Tien; thanks so much for your kind words

  18. This sounds delicious Rebecca! I made loaded baked potato soup last night. It was so yummy.

  19. I am a sucker for a great Farmers Market, no matter what language it speaks! GREG

  20. Oh I do want to make this - just delicious. And when you have time, pay me a visit - I left something for you on my blog.

  21. Miam! The French make a Chicken Columbo and in shops you can find the spices for Columbian dishes.
    By the way, you missed the Beaujolais nouveau day! Gotta come back next year for the event (ad also for the French Open). Lots of visits ahead!

  22. Reeni: oh your soup looks fab thanks for always visiting
    sippity sup thanks so much for visiting oh me to!
    Claudia: always have time for you lol, hope you like it
    Laura: we will come back for sure at some point love your city oh you will have to post the French version for us !
    Sophie: thanks smiles

  23. I like this recipe. I have to buy those spices..

  24. That sounds really good and tastey!

  25. Peachkins: yep it worked well
    Lori: thanks

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love anything spicy and these flavors sound delicious.

  27. Kat: thanks my pleasure your crab cakes drew me in!

  28. I made this before(but only used a few spices) and it tasted really really good. I'm sure you'll amazed by the flavour.

  29. Rebecca reading through your wonderful blog ~ I admire your style and flair for combining great flavors & ingredients. Much like you did here with this incredible chicken recipe. I look forward to reading more...

  30. my little space: i think Erica inspires us all!
    George: oh thank you so much I am also pleased to have found your blog Rebecca
    3 hungry tummies: perfect combo right


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