Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Vietnamese Grocery Store

So we went to the same Vietnamese Restaurant today in Greensboro Nhu Y, we enjoyed the same Authentic food, then afterwards we visited the Grocery store, what a treat. One of my favourite hobbies is going to Ethnic Grocery stores, exploring new foods and cooking utensils and planning to try them out. Here are some pictures:

Noodles!!, I picked up a couple of vermicelli our daughter loves it, will post recipe soon

Fresh Lemongrass yum yum

Asian Small white eggplants these taste wonderful my Mom in Law cooks them South Indian style

Squiggly bubble tea type drinks!

Quail and Duck eggs

There was also fish of all sizes and types, we got some bass like in the hot pot we ate today to try and cook, lots of spoons and soup bowls, picked up a couple as our daughter loves to play with spoons!!

So next time you get a chance step into an ethnic store, be it Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican and so on, its so much fun and educational. We are blessed to have an Indian store 5 min from our house very handy as we cook so much Indian food.

Post your experiences would love to hear about them



  1. I love shopping in the ethnic markets in my town! Finding new ingredients, seeing a hint of another culture and getting advice on particular foods/cuts of meats, etc. helps me learn new techniques and get new meal ideas! Great post :) (love the eggs..)

  2. Guess what-wanted to do a similar post like the one you did on your local grocery store "Fresh Market".So,yesterday I made hubby take some pics at ours-will post it soon :)

  3. P.S:We have an Asian Store which also has some similar stuff-I love browsing there!!

  4. I loved this post. Your store seems more organized than mine :).

  5. Hey Reb-Happy Mom's Day(I guess it is your FIRST)!!
    P.S: Have an award waiting for you on my blog!



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