Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breast Feeding Also Good for Moms Health

The Women's health initiative showed a trend among women who had breast feed for more than a year in their lifetime

- 20% less risk of diabetes
- 12% less risk of high blood pressure
- 19% less high cholesterol and 9% less heart disease and stroke

although it could just be a maker for a healthier lifestyle, it is just another reason to breast feed.

I personally love it, its so convenient when out and about, my baby is thriving on it and its the best nutrition for little ones.

Its not always easy at first though but with determination and good support it can be a great success.

Feel free to email me ( for support if needed.


Oh and no cooking today still enjoying left overs, I love left overs he he


  1. Great info Reb-I love the statistics to support the studies!
    I agree with you-it's very difficult in the beginning,but get's a lot easier later!

  2. I´m agree with you. I gave it too until my baby 2 years old. Now, they are growing up healthy :). Thanks for stopping by my site.

  3. More important for the mother, her baby is stronger....

  4. I agree about breast feeding! I have nursed all for of my children... some until they were almost 2! It was a treasured time ~ they grow so fast!

  5. thats great Dana its so sweet to do it rebecca

  6. Haven't reached that stage of life yet but it does make biological sense that breastfeeding benefits both mother and child. Congrats on making it work for you! And thanks for stopping by my site :-)

  7. Much obliged to you for giving such essential data, and a debt of gratitude is for sharing this issue.



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