Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodies from Hawaii!! and Supper

So the Goodies from dear Deb in Hawaii came today from her giveaway in Kahakai kitchen
I was trying to make a nice little display to show you all but my little Angel got to it!

So I slightly modified Anthony's recipe from Blog: from a dietitians perspective for the fish and added some of the hawaiian spices to it, and ate it with asparagus and cous cous

Turned out really well, thank you again so much brightened our day and of course the chocolate is already gone he he

Love Rebecca


  1. It's a small world in foodie blog land - I am glad to know where that lovely package from Deb ended up - it looks like it's well appreciated by your little one :o)

  2. Jas is so adorable!! Enjoy your Hawaiian treats :)

  3. Look at that sweet little thing! Oh my adorable! And the food looks tasty :)

  4. Your little guy is a doll. Enjoy your treats.

  5. Thanks for visiting my Blog and Thanks for the comments !!

    Happy to be featured in the BlogsofNote !!

  6. Aww--how cute is she!?! I am surprised and pleased you got the box so fast. I hope you enjoy your goodies--your dinner looks like it was very good!



  7. What a cutie!! That hair is so dark and beautiful. Oh, and the food looks great as well :)

  8. That little cutie just couldn't wait any more.....she must have been more exciting than you when the package arrived!
    I want green asparagus and eat cous cous

  9. Kritsin: it seems to be, he he
    Sweta: she enjoyed it
    Girlichef: its cute isn't she love her
    Mary: thanks
    Yogesh: me probs
    Deb: oh and I had the sugar in my oatmeal this morning!
    Gina: She got it from her Daddy
    Angie: love cous cous oh we eat any food from any country its our mission to try it all!


  10. What a beautiful little girl!

    Enjoy your goodies from Hawaii :)

  11. wow, soooo cute:)good u enjoy all cuisines:)

  12. Inquisitive little one she is. That's so cute. My Godson is in that stage right now.

  13. Sounds great with the Hawaiian spices. Jas is so cute!

  14. A debt of gratitude is in order for your glorious posting! I very delighted in understanding it.



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