Friday, May 29, 2009

High Triglycerides are Associated with Nerve Fiber Loss in Diabetes

I just wanted to post this study for anyone with diabetes or who has friends and family with the condition, researchers have recently found that high levels of triglycerides in the blood ( a type of fat) is a marker for nerve damage. Therefore its very important to keep a check on this and keep it down under 150. Neuropathy or nerve damage is one of the long term complications of diabetes, along the cardiovascular disease, damage to the eyes and more. However with good control of your blood sugars and lipids, the risk of these can be significantly decreased. Follow a healthy diet and keep active, work with a good Dr. and Dietitian to stay in top shape.

Diabetes doesn't need to control you, YOU control it!

oh and another resource for you written by no other than me!!

15 ways to Recession Proof Your health:

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  1. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine the other day! You asked how it is in the desert. Normally, I would say HOT AND DRY! But we've been blessed with some cool wet weather recently. However, the forcast for June is hot and dry. I lived in Virginia for many years and visited NC frequently. I love Nags Head!

  2. Great post. Many times doctors and other RDs don't think Triglycerides are important. Clearly they are, and I think we will be hearing more studies regarding the benefit of keeping this number low.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, being considerate and for communicative. Prevention is better than cure.

  4. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be passing this along to my cousin.

  5. I know somebody who lives with diabetes (and not very smartly)...I hope I can persuade them to listen to this!

  6. Thanks for sharing such important information. I love your attitude about "diabetes doesn't need to control you, you control it" these are powerful words and can be applied to so many other situations in life.

  7. Susan: thanks, I need to go to Nags head again
    Sweta: thanks
    Gina: I agree
    Angie:prevention is the key
    Jenn: will keep sharing
    Girlichef: hope so
    Bernie: its so true



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