Florida Eats! and Thank you Kahakai Kitchen!

We just got back from Destin Florida, wow what a place the beaches are amazing, sugar white sand and green clear waters and great outlet shopping. We stayed in the Marriott on the Sanddestin resort, beautiful. Manicured lawns, lakes, and golf courses, also great little restaurants.
Destin is a great place for families, low key and compact, I highly recommend it, I am so pleased folks stressed how good it is to us so we visited. We will be going back !

Gumbo, well not really Floridian but a New Orleans special, but of course loaded with fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico you can't go wrong. In fact on the last night we had a wonderful Gumbo from one of the Restaurants in Baytowne village in the Sanddestin Resort, we had take out as our little one was tired and I needed to put her to bed. So we enjoyed it on the hotel balcony small adaptations you make as a parent!.

Crab legs, delicious and so fresh our 9 month old even liked these!!

more crab!!

Crab claws, fried southern style very tasty but I wasn't very good at getting the little amount of meat inside of them out!!

Destin is also blessed with a huge Fresh Market you may recall from one of my earlier posts is my favourite grocery store, so we loaded up from fresh bread, yogurts and fruits for snacks.

All in all we had a wonderful trip to Destin, if you haven't been what are you waiting for he he

Now I need to catch up on reading all of your blogs, missed y'all !! ( he he with a British accent!!)

On a final note I want to say Thank you to Deb at Kahakai kitchen she had a fab giveaway of Hawaiian goodies if you simply left a comment of the items you would pack from your country, I choose Yorkshire tea, digestive biscuits, custard, Heinz baked beans, and cadburys dairy milk chocolate. Be sure to check our her blog, its wonderful and she has a lovely little cat who assisted her on the draw!!


what would you pack from your country or state? please share, its lovely to see what everyone loves from where they come from.......



  1. These fried crab claws must taste glorious!!
    Hehe my accent is South American "Spanished"...;)
    From my country Uruguay the king is Beef bbqed in every type and form!



  2. Gera yum BBQ Beef sounds great, how is Uruguay to visit, love traveling and want to go to South America, have been to Costa Rica and loved it, read your blog info wow its so ethically diverse your country, feel free to email.

  3. All those dishes look amazing!
    I Love, love, love Crab.

  4. Ooooooh-the sea-food looks so good,now I want to eat some too!
    Ok,here's what I would pack:
    a)Darjeeling Tea
    b)Coorg coffee
    c)Alphonso Mangoes
    e)Assorted Indian sweets-one from each state
    f)My mom's home made masala
    So much more-but,let me stop here :)

  5. BTW-congrats!! Just took a peek at the goody bag-looks great!!NJOY:)

  6. Glad you had a fun trip! The crab legs and the crab claws both sound really good! Congrats on winning the neat giveaway!

  7. Glad you had a great time in Florida. It's been years since i've been there. I would love to take a nice vacation there again.

  8. It's so nice to get away. I'm so glad you enjoyed your break. The food looks amazing.

  9. Na...I could tell you had a good time in Florida. Nice to see you back.

  10. Lucky! A Florida vacation... how divine! Orlando is our favorite!

  11. You are right - the Destin beaches are fabulous. We love seafood and are somewhat landlocked over in the mountains. Love to getaway to Florida too.
    Cool to eat on the balcony - very romantic.

  12. thanks all I always wondered why folks love Florida so much when i first came to live in the States now I know why I love it, perfect vacation spot, hope you can all visit again soon love Rebecca

  13. Congrats on your win...this was an awesome prize! And that gumbo sounds perfect :)

  14. Mmmmm crab is so delicious I could go for a big plate of them for sure!


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