Monday, May 11, 2009

Maintain a Healthy Weight to Prevent Cancer

A Professor and advisor for the World Cancer Research Fund named Dr Wiseman stated that most cancers of the breast, bowel, kidney, pancreas, esphagus and womb are related to being overweight, with a BMI (body mass index a measure of your weight for height) over 25. In fact if your in the higher end of normal you will have 15 % greater risk of colon cancer.
This ties in nicely with my last post, we should all be inspired by the 3 musketeers and others who are trying to get in shape.

Eat a healthy diet with occasional treats, getting the balance of calories consumed with calories expended with activity right to maintain a healthy weight.

If you need help or a pat on the back, I am here for ya

Much Love Rebecca


  1. Definitely good to know. That's one of the reasons I went on my weightloss agenda last year. I didn't want to be sick all the time. A lot of my famly members are either diabetic or have some other illness and that really got me seriously thinking of changing my habits. I'm glad I did. The nice thing is that it hasn't hindered me from living a normal life. I still spoil myself with treats once in a while. =)

  2. Jenn: you have the right attitude we say in The UK a little of what you fancy does you good!

  3. Just stopped by for the first time and I wanted to say thanks for stoking my motivation! I'm at the top end of 'healthy' and wondered if it was worth the effort to keep trying to lose. Apparently it is :-)

  4. Spring Girl: thanks for stopping by your always welcome, keep up the good work, lol Rebecca

  5. Great post. Unfortunately for me I had a grandma who was TINY and still had breast and kidney cancer :( So meanwhile I will keep a healthy weight and stay away from cancer causing agents/foods, and hope I am not so unlucky.

  6. Great info and love the greens always..



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