Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Change it Up: Walk in a New Part of Town

Recently I mentioned its a good idea to walk in different area's of your town, to make walking more fun. So today we did just that here are some amazing pictures.
While activity may not have a lasting effect on our metabolism it sure does have a lasting effect on our well being and mood

This was the biggest and most beautiful magnolia tree I have ever seen!

What a mansion gorgeous

This beautiful home has tomato plants planted in the front

Hubby pushing baby with doggie

So don't be disheartened get out and walk, smell the flowers, enjoy the sites and feel great



  1. I love taking walks. There's so many little adventure to be hand by the most mundane things.

    Thanks for sharing those photos. Looks like a lovely good time.

  2. I love walking-but,now that the little one can walk,he never seems to want to walk in the same direction as I do!! So,I end up walking on the treadmill :)

  3. The kiddos and I went walking on the Notre Dame campus today, which we haven't done in quite a while..it was a great change of scenery :) And of course, I brought my camera (as always)

  4. Looks like you've got some beautiful places to explore. I'm still at my parents place so have been spending plenty of time out amongst the wilderness and enjoying every minute.

  5. What a gorgeous area to walk in. Good points--I think I need to change up my walks a bit and find some new sights to see too. ;-)

  6. What a great way to get some exercise. Thanks for taking us along.
    I bought bamboo poles to use as tomato stakes and I'm glad to see how to use them correctly. They look like Indian tee pees. We've planted several century old Cherokee purple tomatoes. They're the best.

  7. Jenn: love the quote adventures to be had by the mundane things- could be a script!
    Sweta: that will be me soon!
    Girlichef:Notre Dame campus post your pics Americans have lovely Uni buildings we have some too oxford and cambridge in the UK we have wake forrest in winston and salem college for girls.
    Bernie: have fun with your parents outback, share pics would love to see them
    Deb: you must have amazing places to walk when we were there we walked to a waterfall but I got eaten by mosquitoes !!
    Sam: those tomatoes sound great I need to get some, I guess the Indians grow them?


  8. I absolutely love to go on walks! My mom and I would always go for a walk around our neighborhood after dinner. I miss those days! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I would say with a little one you have your hands full! Love all your eating and walking adventures.




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