Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interview with Abbie ER Nurse and Marathon Runner

Hi there I just wanted to share a link to another article I wrote, I interviewed Abbie an ER Nurse and Marathon runner, its really quite inspiring that she has a busy job but still makes time to stay in shape, eat well and follow her passion.

She is also a fellow blogger and foodbuzz publisher in fact thats how I stumbled upon her blog and asked her if I could interview her!

her blog is

Wow I am coming across some awesome folks in the blogging world.

Much love Rebecca


  1. I occasionally read her blog! I love the idea of interviewing other bloggers and getting to know one another in a more personal way!

  2. Very cool, thanks for the link! you change your header photo often, or is it set up on a sliding picture thing? It seems like I keep seeing a different photo (which is actually pretty awesome)??

  3. Burpandsulp: cool isn't it lol
    Girlichef, i keep changing it he he but would be cool if it changed on a slideshow rebecca

  4. It would be cool if you could set it on a slideshow...don't know if you can or not. I don't know, I've liked them all so far. I like the one you have up now...sort of a "friendly foodie" type of photo. But, I liked the last one I saw, too... :D

  5. Great article Rebecca. Abbie sure is an inspiration. I often wonder if I had prioritised fitness back then my nursing career may have lasted a bit longer, you sure do need to be fit.

  6. dar: maybe I'll just change it now and again then he he
    Bernie: my hubby is an MD and works very hard to be fit, he says it really helps with the long shifts and stress lol

  7. Cool interview-now I'm going to check her blog out!!



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