Great Find: Handmade Food Dome from Bali

This is so cute found it yesterday in World Market great for keeping cakes and breads in on the table, or as a fruit bowl to keep those pesty summertime flies of!!

I adore World Market its a great place to get food from around the globe I go there when I am craving Mcvities Digestive biscuits and British Chocolate he he -



  1. That's so cute-love the colourful pattern on the base too!!

  2. That looks great!! What a fabulous find!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- love yours! Thanks for wishing me luck on the weekend cooking as well... unfortunately the only thing I've gotten to so far is Saturday morning pancakes :) But I'll get to it tonight!

  3. LOL. That's so neat. I'm used to seeing the boxed shape ones that take up so much room on the table.

  4. that is cute! it's like a little tent for your fruit...
    i love world market, they sell the best ginger snap cookies!!

  5. I love that it collapses and doesn't take up a lot of space when not being used. Great idea. Have a wonderful weekend!


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