Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rebecca's Chicken Salad

Here's a fun salad I came up with recently, its a combination of cuisines, grilled chicken, seasonal salad and Greek style roast potatoes.


  • about 10 small potatoes diced 
  • olive oil
  • one tablespoon of Greek or Italian herbs, also fresh oregano if handy
  • 4 cloves of garlic chopped 
  • a sprinkle of sea salt
  • 2 thinly sliced chicken breasts - marinated in pizza seasoning - a herb blend of onion, bell pepper, fennel, garlic, basil, chili pepper, parsley, marjoram and celery 
  • chopped tomatoes
  • a small handful of blueberries
  • mixed greens
  • chopped cucumber

  1. marinate the chicken breast in olive oil to coat it and the pizza seasoning for 1- 2 hours
  2. meanwhile add the chopped potatoes to a good oven dish coat with olive oil, pepper and sea salt the Greek herbs and oregano and bake at 400 degrees for 45- minutes to 60 minutes until soft in middle and crispy on outside 
  3. after the chicken is marinated grill for about 5 minutes on each side until cooked
  4. make a seasonal salad of choice, add some potatoes to it, you will find it will have enough oil with the herbs infused that a dressing is not needed
  5. slice the chicken and top the salad with it
  6. if desired add any desired cheese to the top and enjoy ;-)

What is your favorite salad creation recently?

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  1. I have been craving potatoes quite a bit lately. In salad form. It must be the season. Summer is just NOT complete without potato/chicken salad!

    I love the inclusion of blueberries, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing ;-).

  2. Ooh. Delicious. So simple and packed with flavors. Love it.

  3. Looks delicious! Great salad for the summer!

  4. Really digging the blueberries with savory chicken. That makes for a fun mix of flavor.

  5. A simple yummy healthy meal. Where would i find blue berries ?
    Pomegranate seeds would do good for me :)

  6. yummy! really simple but very tasty, just what we need on these hot summer days.... I made a chicken curry yesterday so I could use the left over chicken for this too! xx

  7. Que fantastica ensalada, me ha encantado.


  8. Blueberries and potatoes are in it? I already love this! So unique...and both my favorite. But really, never thought of blueberries in salad. How creative!

  9. Looks yummy and sounds healthy!

  10. I love the ingredients in this salad!! I've bookmarked it and I'm going to make it mine! :)

  11. As a salad lover who also happens to be a blueberry fanatic I love this salad!

  12. a perfect summer meal. I topped a salad with eggs (sunnyside) yesterday as I was short on groceries- spinach, feta, grape tomatoes, oregano and eggs it worked.

  13. Looks delicious..perfect for summer!

  14. Love the add of the potatoes!!

    stop by for a giveaway!

  15. I love a good, substantial salad...the potatoes with this sound so wonderful :D

  16. This looks delicious Rebecca! I bet it would be good with a sprinkle of fresh feta cheese too :-)

  17. This looks just delicious, I love Greek flavors - and the blueberries are a great addition!

  18. I still follow you Rebecca :-) Been a bit amiss on commenting though I promise to be good from now on :-))

  19. That's a love salad Rebecca. Chicken with potatoes are my all time fav and this sure does look lovely.

  20. That looks terrific. A great one plate/dish meal - yum.

  21. I agree with Heather. I love a great substantial salad like this and I love the touch of blueberries added.

    I haven't been eating too many salads lately, but I'm trying to think of one that includes some fried green tomatoes. We have lots of green tomatoes right now.

  22. Hi Rebecca, in a word, YUM. What a fantastic looking salad. Thanks for sharing. (love salads with berries!) Have a wonderful day.

  23. This salad looks fantastic! Colorful, and healthy! the blueberries are an interesting addition.

  24. What a nice salad! The blueberries are a great summer touch :)

  25. Sonia thanks
    Anapret oh my pleasure hugs
    Baker Street thanks
    yummychunklet :-)
    the duo dishes oh thanks
    sangeeta or mango would be fab
    dom yum love a good chicken curry
    jose thanks
    Nami oh you will love them in a salad
    cheah thanks
    Maureen oh thats neat enjoy
    thanks Maris
    Lauren oh I still need to have an egg topped salad
    suman thanks
    Kris :-)
    girlichef oh thanks
    the slow roasted Italian thanks so much
    EA I was wishing I had some feta at the time
    caitlin thanks
    Michelle oh sorry u saw my comment on Doms blog just being honest hugs
    kanana thanks
    indie. tea love making complete meals
    Kim oh love green tomatoes
    Roz thanks sweet of you
    lisa funny I always add them
    Victoria thanks

  26. colourful salad flavours sound delicious

  27. Love the addition of blueberries! I used to be so picky about fruit in my savory dishes, but slowly learning it is delicious:-)
    Hugs, Terra

  28. Beautiful salad Rebecca. Love the addition of blueberries, I must give that a try sometime. Have a great day.

  29. I am a salad lover. I can eat a salad as an entire meal and feel completely satisfied. I am the only person I know that feels this way. This looks like such a delicious and wholesome meal.

  30. How delicious! I love all of the different flavors and textures. They are what make salads fun to eat!

  31. Looks great, Rebecca. Nice that you added blueberries too!

  32. Love this salad you put together Rebecca! Salads taste so good with a sweet/salty combo. I think I might have to put blueberries in my salad today!!
    I hope you are feeling well. Been thinking about you!!

  33. Yum Rebecca. My kind of salad. So healthy and fresh.

  34. Yummy Rebecca..Love this salad and better still its name :) I also love a combo of fruits, veggies & meat in my salads..this is perfect

  35. It looks delicious Rebecca! Perfect for a healthy, hearty lunch!

  36. look and sounds delicious! i love simple salads!

  37. Oh Rebecca, I love the idea of chicken salad with blueberry...such a nice salad for Summer.
    Hope you are having a great week :-)

  38. torview thanks
    Terra oh same here
    michael oh thanks hope u like it
    tinytearoom oh same here
    joanne thanks
    Barbara thanks love blueberries
    Lisa aw thanks so sweet of you :-)
    Sam oh your the queen of salads
    Tanvi he he thanks
    Lyndsey -)
    Claire me too
    Julia thanks and u too



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