Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craft: Frogs in a Pond

Here's another quick craft post :-), hope your all having a wonderful afternoon I took our little one to a local group started to give kids insight into different cultures.  Today was Africa, with some African story telling and dance and we all joined in. The drummer was impressed that I danced even being so pregnant.
Hope you find something like this where you live as its so important for kids and adults alike in my humble opinion

Much love

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  1. How cute and so much fun! Good that you stay active as you always are when pregnant too. :) I still like to do crafts with my daughter. We just picked up some shells when we were in Venice, Fl yesterday to make Christmas ornaments out of. That's what everyone is getting this year! :D

  2. lovely video looks like lots of fun

  3. I love that in addition to your food talents you are also a craft-talent as well!

  4. Your little daughter is so cute with her curls!
    And I love your frogs in a pond. I did lots of crafts with my kids. I'll have to ask if they remember!

  5. Look like you had a lot of fun doing art craft with your daughter, u are good mum.

  6. What a great idea. Kids love learning about other cultures; they're so open-minded. Good for you for dancing!

  7. Your daughter (and your little one on the way) are lucky to have a mom like you :-)

  8. Maris thanks your sweet feel so big now
    Lyndsey oh thats neat that you still do crafts
    Torview thanks
    Regan oh thanks thats kind of u
    angie :-)
    Barbara let me know what they say
    Sonia :_) thanks kind of u
    Beth so true
    Ea thanks your great too

  9. When my grandchildren visit Australia I make a bowl of green Jell-o and then on top of that I put a lily pad of whipped cream and then on top of that a chocolate frog.

    Frog in a pond.

    It's a traditional Aussie treat for kids.

    Your frogs in a pond - very clever!

  10. Maureen wow that is too cool love it

  11. Such fun - where were you when I was raising kids?



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