Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fresh Lemonade with Mint

I think since I started blogging and more and more each day I have a desire to want to learn how to make things from scratch. Each and every day your blogs inspire me to get back to the basics of food. 
So I made my first lemonade from scratch, easy, refreshing and will do again for sure. I did find it needed a lot of sugar though so I asked folks on facebook for tips see below you guys are wonderful love learning from you all.  It makes a great treat on a summer day and is a great source of vitamin C.


  • about 10 lemons, squeezed to get juice
  • desired amount of demerara (brown) sugar about 6 tablespoons
  • about 3-4 cups of water to make a jug and ice 
  • 5-6 mint leaves 

  1. squeeze the lemons 
  2. add the water, mint and sugar and ice and serve 
Next time I will add another sweeter fruit like Tanvi suggested maybe oranges :-)

  • So the dietitian in me found out it takes ALOT of sugar to make lemonade sweet he he
    June 29 at 7:39pm via iPhone ·  · 
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      • Trace D Hillman So what do you think about Stevia when it comes to lemonade or tea? I have tried it and I am still on the fence.
        June 29 at 7:44pm · 
      • Brandy Lynn Clabaugh I like to add blueberries and mint to cut down on the tart and use less sugar.
        June 29 at 7:52pm · 
      • Chow and Chatter Trace I guess its ok personally I will use real sugar or honey and only drink a glass ;-) Brandy awesome tip thanks
        June 29 at 8:20pm · 
      • Tanvi Srivastava True.LOTS of it.I add fresh sweet plums sometimes, gives a lovely color and reduces the sugar.
        June 29 at 8:52pm · 
      • Chow and Chatter Tanvi another great tip J loves plums
        June 29 at 9:45pm · 
      • Min Choi Consider to make Arnold palmer (combination of tea and lemonade). You will use less sugar. (my case, 1/3 or even less: making it like sweet tea with lot of lemon in mind)
        June 29 at 10:18pm · 
      • Chow and Chatter Min Choi oh that sounds great
        June 29 at 10:49pm · 
      • Lilli Haskell I've used agave nectar before to make lemonade. You use a lot less!
        June 30 at 12:03am · 
      • Cool Lassie Which is why I don't drink sweet lemonade all that much. Every-time I add sugar in something I think about all the free radicals that will give me wrinkles.
        June 30 at 10:58am · 
      • Min Choi Sometimes, little sweetness adds a lot to your face. Smile! Just a light touch. Any sugar is sugar. I think it's about choosing a right kind and moderation of consumption. :-)
        June 30 at 12:42pm · 

Who makes lemonade and do you have any recipes to share?

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