Fresh Lemonade with Mint

I think since I started blogging and more and more each day I have a desire to want to learn how to make things from scratch. Each and every day your blogs inspire me to get back to the basics of food. 
So I made my first lemonade from scratch, easy, refreshing and will do again for sure. I did find it needed a lot of sugar though so I asked folks on facebook for tips see below you guys are wonderful love learning from you all.  It makes a great treat on a summer day and is a great source of vitamin C.


  • about 10 lemons, squeezed to get juice
  • desired amount of demerara (brown) sugar about 6 tablespoons
  • about 3-4 cups of water to make a jug and ice 
  • 5-6 mint leaves 

  1. squeeze the lemons 
  2. add the water, mint and sugar and ice and serve 
Next time I will add another sweeter fruit like Tanvi suggested maybe oranges :-)

  • So the dietitian in me found out it takes ALOT of sugar to make lemonade sweet he he
    June 29 at 7:39pm via iPhone ·  · 
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      • Trace D Hillman So what do you think about Stevia when it comes to lemonade or tea? I have tried it and I am still on the fence.
        June 29 at 7:44pm · 
      • Brandy Lynn Clabaugh I like to add blueberries and mint to cut down on the tart and use less sugar.
        June 29 at 7:52pm · 
      • Chow and Chatter Trace I guess its ok personally I will use real sugar or honey and only drink a glass ;-) Brandy awesome tip thanks
        June 29 at 8:20pm · 
      • Tanvi Srivastava True.LOTS of it.I add fresh sweet plums sometimes, gives a lovely color and reduces the sugar.
        June 29 at 8:52pm · 
      • Chow and Chatter Tanvi another great tip J loves plums
        June 29 at 9:45pm · 
      • Min Choi Consider to make Arnold palmer (combination of tea and lemonade). You will use less sugar. (my case, 1/3 or even less: making it like sweet tea with lot of lemon in mind)
        June 29 at 10:18pm · 
      • Chow and Chatter Min Choi oh that sounds great
        June 29 at 10:49pm · 
      • Lilli Haskell I've used agave nectar before to make lemonade. You use a lot less!
        June 30 at 12:03am · 
      • Cool Lassie Which is why I don't drink sweet lemonade all that much. Every-time I add sugar in something I think about all the free radicals that will give me wrinkles.
        June 30 at 10:58am · 
      • Min Choi Sometimes, little sweetness adds a lot to your face. Smile! Just a light touch. Any sugar is sugar. I think it's about choosing a right kind and moderation of consumption. :-)
        June 30 at 12:42pm · 

Who makes lemonade and do you have any recipes to share?

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  1. I must confess, I found making lemonade from scratch very satisfying but not sure if I would do it too often! You are right about the amount of sugar required!

    Take care and best wishes for a happy week!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  2. Congrats on making your lemonade! My daughter and he friends made some yesterday to sell. I like my lemonade on the tart side, but theirs made my mouth pucker so I had to add more sugar. I also like using Nu Naturals liquid stevia which you could try after the baby is born :-)

  3. we drink this very often as our weather here is hot.

  4. I have never used brown sugar before for lemonade. I'm going to switch from regular sugar to brown next time and see the difference!

  5. This looks delicious - I have found that I wnat to learn to make everything from scraI think it's great!!

  6. Perfect drink to beat the heat..looks great!!

  7. How oroginal making lemonade with fresh; must taste so good.

  8. I use simple syrup and finds it dissolves better/don't need to use as much sugar. Try adding thyme to it, yum. You should look at MyJudyTheFoodie, she blogged "scratch" today and your post reminded me of it.

  9. Love the brown sugar idea Rebecca. I can never get over how much sugar is needed to make lemonade from scratch.

  10. Blogging and reading other blogs has totally sparked a new and exciting desire to create healthy recipes from scratch. I used to hate cooking. I never thought I would enjoy cooking so much!!
    Glad you are feeling well Rebecca.
    Love you and this lemonade recipe! I like the idea of using half the sugar and a little stevia. Wonder how that would taste?

  11. Lemonade with mint sounds delicious right about now

  12. Love home-made lemonade! Very refreshing. I like mine tart though, so I always put little sugar.

  13. Nothing better than homemade lemonade on a hot summer's day! I like a combination of brown sugar and honey and, yes, just have one glass :)

  14. I had a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade at a restaurant this weekend and it reminded me how much better it is than anything you can buy!
    Good tips here on what to sub in for sugar.

  15. crazy - i was thinking about making some of this just yesterday! i found a whole bunch of organic mint, so i just put some in ice water (with no lemonade) and been sipping on it since yesterday. its soo good! i'll try lemonade next!

  16. Natural fruit juices are a way I sweeten without the use of lots of refined sugar. Love the mint; great way to flavor!

  17. A wonderful, refreshing drink for any time. I love it. I love to add a pinch of salt to it. It somehow sweetens it up a little.

  18. Look fresh and delightful Rebecca

  19. So beautiful and a combo of two of my favorite things: lemonade and mint. Honestly, I'd eat mint every day if I could. I've never made lemonade from scratch but you are inspiring me!

  20. We make lemonade and limeade but I don't think you'd be happy with the sugar content! Mountain Man honey sometimes though too!

  21. Bloggin really is a super way to get your 'cook' on. I try stuff I never would have been brave enough to try before seeing other people just like me making them. Awesome lemonade :) Sound divine!

  22. love how you used FB to get advice and ideas, that's what this is all about! I make limeaide more, just as delicious!

  23. Great idea for me to use the mint that's growing profusely in the herb garden!

  24. Angie thanks
    Jay :-)
    Natasha he he
    EA thanks for the tip
    Sonia also super hot here
    Nami oh you like it I love brown sugar
    Ruth oh I agree
    Jose :-)
    peachkins thanks
    Maris so true
    suman oh true crazy hot now
    Rita aw thanks
    Lauren great tip
    Sam he eh your like me
    lisa oh we should try and your a great cook
    Kyrsta :-)
    Michael oh I wish I did he he
    Priscilla :-)
    Karen :-)
    Junia looking forward to learning your version
    doc thanks will try next time
    Mary oh how interesting
    Gloria thanks
    Caitlin oh it was cool and easy
    Evan he he
    Parsely sage love blogging
    Nelly oh so agree love it
    NY native oh thats great

  25. One of my fav refreshing drink :)

  26. I make homemade sparkling limeade all the time; it's so much better than the premade stuff and it's so easy to do. Make a simple syrup and keep it in the fridge for cravings. Then just add in sparkling water (or regular for non-sparkling) to a glass, the desired amount of simple syrup, and squeeze a half a lime (or lemon). Simple and refreshing!

  27. Fresh lemonade is such a perfect summer treat :) I love making my own homemade as well. Feels extra special!

  28. kanana thanks
    Julie I need the recipe
    baking serendipity :-)

  29. My tastes always run on the sweeter side, so I usually don't make lemonade. Yours looks refreshing though!

  30. Yes a good deal of sugar...but few things are as delightful :)

  31. Definitely looks very refreshing for any time of the year :)


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