Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Website/Landing Page

Big news I have a new website its my name, I was tweeting with Caroline of Chocolate and Carrots  and I was admiring her site, she told me her hubby designed it so I got in touch with him. Logan is a super sweet guy an Engineer who has a passion for web design as a hobby. I know so many bloggers feel wordpress is the way to go, but I am happy here on blogger and am lazy to move and don't want to pay loads of money for the move and redesign. Since the blog has the url I decided to use my name as a landing page so in a few seconds folks would know all about me :-). Since I already have all the links for the blog, app, ebook and so on this was an awesome way to do a website at a very reasonable price, how clever am I he he.

Here's a little about Logan -

Bio: I'm a reliability engineer with interest in web design. My first work began with dressing up my wife's food blog,, with a new landing page and heavily modifying the default twenty-ten theme. It's a hobby that I enjoy spending time in and learning more about. Utilizing the latest and greatest in web markup (HTML5 and CSS3) is how I base my designs.
for a quote -  loganwedwards (at)

So what do you think?

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