Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Website/Landing Page

Big news I have a new website its my name, I was tweeting with Caroline of Chocolate and Carrots  and I was admiring her site, she told me her hubby designed it so I got in touch with him. Logan is a super sweet guy an Engineer who has a passion for web design as a hobby. I know so many bloggers feel wordpress is the way to go, but I am happy here on blogger and am lazy to move and don't want to pay loads of money for the move and redesign. Since the blog has the url I decided to use my name as a landing page so in a few seconds folks would know all about me :-). Since I already have all the links for the blog, app, ebook and so on this was an awesome way to do a website at a very reasonable price, how clever am I he he.

Here's a little about Logan -

Bio: I'm a reliability engineer with interest in web design. My first work began with dressing up my wife's food blog,, with a new landing page and heavily modifying the default twenty-ten theme. It's a hobby that I enjoy spending time in and learning more about. Utilizing the latest and greatest in web markup (HTML5 and CSS3) is how I base my designs.
for a quote -  loganwedwards (at)

So what do you think?

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  1. I love it! Its simple and clean - great job (as always)!

  2. It's fantastic! With all that you offer, this new website/landing page is a perfect gateway to all of them. Excellent job, Logan!

  3. ahhh i love it! wow, so clean and classy....! hmmm i have yet to even update to my own domain from blogger. still have "blogspot" in my url. i know what u mean, don't want to deal with payin the extra money...but the formating is so limited! maybe soon? i don't know!

  4. Congratulations! now you have your own website.

  5. Congrats, Rebecca! The new look is elegant and stylish. Been to Caroline's site and loved the presentation.

  6. Great job! Love the clean and neat page :)

  7. How cool! I love it. It's always nice to work with someone you can trust and you are very lucky to get help by him! I like the landing site. Let me know when it's ready so I can change my links!

  8. Should I change it now to the landing page or you want me to keep your blog as my link??

  9. I love it! It looks wonderful. (I'm happy with blogger, too...gasp!) ;)

  10. Congrats on that new landing page..

  11. Kati thanks your sweet
    tangled noodle oh I thought it was a good idea too
    Junia getting a dot com is worth it
    thats ron thanks
    Sonia had it before but changed direction with what I do '-)
    Anncoo thanks
    Nami thanks keep the link as the blog ;-)
    melinda thanks
    Maris thanks
    joanne thanks
    girlichef its good he he
    peachkins thanks

  12. Hot stuff! I think it looks fantastic :)

  13. Rebecca, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the recipe app. However... I am a droid freak! Any chance you will be developing in Android?

    BTW, the site is lovely.

  14. Lovely design Rebecca!! So clean. I am definitely in need of some kind of header redesign but haven't got a clue where to start. For some reason the header gives me the most problems!!

  15. Loving the new look Rebecca..Very pro & neat :)

  16. Hi Rebecca. Love the new landing page! Logan is a FIND!!!!

  17. parsley sage thanks
    slow roasted Italian would have loved to have done android as well just couldn't afford it
    lisa maybe he could help?
    Tanvi thanks
    Roz I agree
    thanks Janice

  18. I like the landing page .. organized and gives a clear picture of your space. :)

  19. That's so cool Rebecca! I need to find someone to work on my blog look too. I love all you know and share with us! I have a question for you that I'll email to you, thanks!

  20. lyndsey sure thing maybe use the girl who did my blog will find her email for ya hugs

  21. That's awesome, Rebecca! I agree, for the time being I'm totally content on Blogger, and was able to even redesign my site and make it look exactly like I wanted without having to switch. He did a great job on your new site! It's clean and functional and looks great!

  22. Great new look and web-page Rebecca! I'm glad that you'll continue your blog so that I can follow your posts! I agree with you about moving to WP....too much money and starting all over again AND losing your followers! I guess nothing's perfect!

  23. Looks fantastic, and a great way to showcase all of your talents :)

  24. tor view thanks
    Leonore thanks
    Victoria thanks and I agree it works for us
    Roz very true
    Magic of spice oh your kind



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