Friday, July 1, 2011

Piedmont Triad Farmers Market

Hubby was of work today so we headed to Greensboro NC to The Natural Science museum, it was a tad hot but a good day was had by all, seeing dinosaurs, real tigers, maned wolves and more. The human body with a focus on health was great my hubby the doctor was even impressed I think hospitals and doctors offices need more hands on learning tools for patients, there are a few pictures on the chow and chatter facebook page if your interested :-)

On the way home we stopped at the farmers market I want to take a tasty salad to a 4th of July party, it was hot but I was super excited to see fresh tomatoes, amazing berries and more. Here's a little tour below :-)

The market

fresh corn

oh la la look at these beauties 

pretty eggplant

Amazing berries the funny thing is my hubby was complaining I was getting too much and we had already shopped this week but then couldn't resist and went back for the berries!

Jasmine and the dinosaur, she cracks me up after seeing the animals outside, she asked to come in and see them again but wouldn't sit next to the T rex :-) well i don't blame her!

A picture of pregnant me can't believe we will get to meet the little guy next month, due August 24th!! exciting but scared at the same time, will be super busy for sure!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone I adore this time of year living in America so much fun and fireworks what's not to love

The farmers market is located of i40 exit 208 near Greensboro NC

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  1. I saw some pics in Fb ..sure was fun for lil J :-)

  2. What a fantastic and modern farmers market! Great post!

  3. look so cute! What a big market :D

  4. What a terrific market! Best of luck with the baby :)

  5. The berries this year are outstanding. They seem to love the hot weather more than we do.

  6. Congrats on expecting - cute picture. Need to make it out to the farmer's market soon!

  7. i love farmers markets! wish there were more of them in my area. btw, you are looking great! :)

  8. Big market !! U look grt !! specifically tomato pics

  9. Sounds like a super fun afternoon!

  10. This is a perfect post for my Eat Local Eat Fresh link-up: The next one will go live July 15.

  11. Rebecca, love the pictures and you look absolutely radiant!

  12. The market seems quite huge! You look radiant!

  13. We thoroughly enjoy going to Farmers' Markets!!! Just got back from our local one a few hours ago where this week we picked up sweet corn, some onions, and some cabbage. Next week I'm hoping to pick up some peas and beans since we didin't plant those this year. But Rebecca, if you want some tomatoes, I've got them falling off the vine from ripening so fast this year.....freezing and canning this weekend!

  14. Lovely market pics, I can't resist a good market either. Hope you make your due date and all goes well.

  15. if only there were berries at the local market here...

  16. Namitha oh thats cool
    Yummychunklet ;-)
    girlichef thanks
    Maureen thanks so much
    NC mountain woman so true
    Jessica :0) thanks :-)
    Gloria :-)
    Junia thanks
    sheril oh love tomatoes
    Joanne really was nice memories
    Anne feel free to link sorry I will more than likely forget
    Nelly thanks
    Angie its big
    Roz oh saw your post so nice
    Janice Scotland needs more
    peachkins will send ya some!

  17. Rebecca- You look absolutely beautiful! So nice that you were able to get out and enjoy some time with Jasmine before the baby comes. Very exciting.

  18. You must be so anxious for that baby to arrive. i can just imagine Jasmine will be in 7th heaven. You have a great Market.
    Take good care of yourself with this heat.

  19. Farmer's Markets are the best, especially this time of year. As my British friend tells me, "Happy Expulsion Day!"

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. What a great day you shared with your family. I love visiting museums. That farmers market looks great too; I love those berries.

    You look wonderful and will make a great mother of two:)

  22. Rebecca, great post on farmers market. I love to frequent them myself. Most impotantantly you look glowing. You look fabulous!!

  23. Wow! I can't believe you are only a month away from meeting your new addition. You look great:) The Farmer's Market is so much fun.

  24. Kim aw thanks so kind of you
    Doc he he
    Rita thanks good advice she is telling folks she is going to be a big sis now :-)
    Raina aw thanks
    Shulie thanks :-)
    Angela i know I can't either he he

  25. sounds like a fun day!!! I Love Farmer's Markets!!!

  26. August is this possible!
    Looks like a great afternoon and love all those berries at the market :)



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