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Jam filled Swiss Roll

I made my first swiss roll recently and what fun I had doing it, I grew up eating them as a kid in the UK, you can get them Jam filled or chocolate and vanilla so good. One of my weaknesses when I go home is cadburys mini rolls :-) I enjoyed the discussion on the facebook wall as some folks from the US said this was a popular dessert in the 1960's and then died out, here's the discussion -

so who has had swiss roll before its big in the UK
June 21 at 7:24pm ·  · 

    • Denise Price Boyd Never heard of it. What is it?
      June 21 at 7:25pm · 

    • Denise Price Boyd Unless you mean the cake thing. :)
      June 21 at 7:26pm · 

    • Chow and Chatter Denise yep the cake below
      June 21 at 7:32pm · 

    • Denise Price Boyd It's been many years since I've had but loved the stuff. :)
      June 21 at 7:33pm · 

    • Greg Winkler That's about right. Popular in the US in the 60's, so you Brits are jumping on the fad now. :-) Next thing you know you will be listening to the Beatles on the radio.
      June 21 at 7:37pm · 

    • Chow and Chatter Denise :-) oh me too always like it as a kid Greg he he its been in the UK for at least 50 years my friend
      June 21 at 7:43pm · 

    • Elizabeth Akin Stelling My brother loved it, and they sold it at a local bakery in the 60's...I on the other hand loved all things chocolate LOL
      June 21 at 7:46pm · 

    • Greg Winkler I just had to pick on you and show my age. My mom used to make one that had layer of strawberry jam and then a layer of whipped cream. Then you rolled it and froze it.
      June 21 at 7:48pm · 

    • Chow and Chatter E oh love foodie memories Greg your mums sounds amazing :-)
      June 21 at 7:56pm · 

    • Becky Hale I've been eating Little Debbie swiss rolls for years!
      June 21 at 9:04pm · 

    • Chow and Chatter Becky :-) so they are still made here
      June 21 at 9:31pm · 

    • Ellie Wood I am doubting Little Debbie Swiss Rolls are the same...
      June 22 at 3:00pm · 

    • Becky Hale well...same concept.
      June 22 at 3:49pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Chow and Chatter Ellie and Becky lol
      June 22 at 5:05pm · 

I adore the chow and chatter facebook page and learning from you all, thanks for being there :-)

just rolled swiss roll

a clip of me rolling it!

How to make it :


  • 3 eggs
  • 3 oz sugar 
  • 3 oz self raising flour 
  • 4 tablespoon of Jam or any desired filling

  1. line a swiss roll tin 30.5 by 20.5 cm (12 by 8 inch) I used a small cookie sheet and it worked
  2. whisk eggs and sugar with a hand mixer for 10 minutes until it turns light in color and thickens, like cream
  3. gently fold in flour and add to tin
  4. bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes until risen and firm 
  5. turn it out onto a sugared sheet of baking paper covered in sugar with a towel underneath and remove paper
  6. quickly spread with warm jam then roll tightly and hold for 1-2 minutes 
  7. allow it to cool 
  8. enjoy

I am thinking Nutella for a future filling or lemon curd what will you fill yours with?

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  1. yum yum! an oldie but a goodie I would def go with nutella filling!

  2. Yum! I grew up eating these as well. They were one of my favorites. I would love to try making them.

  3. I love Swiss roll since I was a little girl and I just bought a bottle of strawberry jam from Mark and Spencer yesterday.. also thought of making Swiss roll too :)

  4. I used to make a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling. I have never made a swiss roll. It looks so moist and delicious:-)
    Hugs, Terra

  5. wow roll breads are an art!!! kudos to you! a lot of korean bakeries love these types of cakes :D.

  6. Que brazo de gitano tan delicioso, te ha quedado genial.


  7. I haven't made one of these in a long time but this reminds me I should give it a try!

  8. Old is gold, Rebecca! I like it too..... with coconut jam aka 'kaya'.

  9. Love it- good ole swiss rolls! It's good to come back to these time old recipes.

  10. Hi, Rebecca,
    My son would love it if I knew how to make this roll. I will have to give it a try. I hope you are doing well and Happy 4th to you too. -Tien

  11. You know, a swiss roll is one of those throw-back recipes for me that I've always "meant" to make...but still haven't. One of these days I will, yours looks great, Reb =)

  12. oh these look delish! Remind me of when I was little and would visit my grandparents...they alwayshad something similar around! A classic!

  13. Now I'm craving a swiss roll. This looks awesome.

  14. What a delicious roll! Jasmine likes it??? Hope you're having a great week ahead, dear. Take care.
    Blessings, Kristy

  15. You just brought back memories; I remember making this with all kinds of filling when my boys were growing up 60s-70s. You did real good.

  16. Oh wow....these remind me of being a kid! My Mom used to buy them for a special treat. Thanks for this post, it jogged a lovely memory! Have a great day.

  17. Great swiss rolls. And I really like the idea of doing it with a nutella filling :) Thanks for sharing and for the lovely video

  18. Great first try! It looks delicious. I've been meaning to try my hand at a jelly roll as well.

  19. These are my childhood favorite ~ neatly done!
    US Masala

  20. Rebecca this look yumm!!! gloria

  21. Ahh, jam swiss roll, cannot beat a slice with a cup of tea. That one looks really nice!

  22. Oooo this looks fantastic! I always loved these growing up and would love to try and make these myself :) Hope you're having a fabulous 4th of July weekend, so glad I found your blog!

  23. Francys :-) good choice
    Angela looking forward to seeing yours
    Anncoo oh love their jam enjoy
    Terra i want the recipe!
    Junia thats neat to know
    jose thanks
    Maureen :-)
    Cheah so true
    Adrian your right it is fun
    Tien oh hope he likes it happy 4th
    girlichef you need to make one
    care oh nice memories
    kysta he he
    kristy doing well Jasmine liked it but too be honest she is not much of a cake lover
    Rita oh bet yours were great
    Roz oh my pleasure hugs
    parsley sage please u enjoyed
    yummy chunklet look forward to yours
    aipi oh thats cool
    Gloria thanks so much
    greedy rosie love it
    Kelly thanks for stopping by :-)

  24. Swiss roll looks fabulous, I haven't yet got courage to bake one of them. I admire you as you are baking goodies which is rare thing in my kitchen.

  25. Swiss rolls look comforting...the food of childhood indeed.
    Yours look really good.

  26. The swiss rolls brings back great childhood memories!

  27. Roll bread looks awesome, very nicely and perfectly made..

  28. awww you domestic goddess!! YUMMM!
    COme follow my blog :)

  29. That roll looks like it turned out perfectly!

  30. Looks delicious. Love roll kind of desserts but have not mastered them yet. Really must try again.

  31. Yum, one of my favorite desserts. We love it filled with sliced strawberries and whipped cream.

  32. I love swiss rolls! This looks delightful!

  33. I love soft and light jam rolls too. Sometimes I like to spread some chestnut cream over and roll it up.

  34. Thank you for sharing this! I have not baked any kind of roll, but increasingly wanting to learn. We call them "pianono" in the Philippines [Brazo de Gitano/Spanish], I don't know why!

  35. These look wonderful and I would love to try them with lemon curd...delightful!
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th and have a great week :)

  36. swathi you can do it if I can!
    Indie thanks
    Shen you changed your name confused me thanks ;-)
    suman aw thanks so much
    cecyllia thanks
    Joanne not bad for my first one he he
    Lori you can do it your a fab cook
    cathy wow your version sounds great
    the slow roasted Italian thanks
    Angie oh that sounds so good
    annapret cool its international

  37. magic oh spice lemon would be so good had a great weekend thanks

  38. I've never made one, but this looks like a fun project! And the nutella filling would be fantastic!

  39. I remember enjoying swiss rolls growing up in Canada too! Yum!

  40. this is an excellent idea. That would taste awsm. Hope you are doing well.. it's getting very warm out here .:)

  41. Karen look forward to yours
    high low food drink oh thats fun
    kanana yep warm stay inside in the afternoons

  42. I love swiss roll but have never made it. Thanks for the video. I will have to attempt it soon :)

  43. Oh, this is absolutely delish! I can't wait to try this Swiss Roll.Thanks for sharing. Glad I found your blog & e-books!

  44. I grew up eating swiss roll too! But it looks quite difficult to make with perfect swirl... yours look very nice! And this is your first trial? I'm too intimidated! I wish I can have a piece of yours. :-)

  45. We have a Colombian version with dulce de leche and it is fantastic.

  46. biren thanks
    Elizabeth great to meet you too :-)
    Nami you can do it for sure
    Erica yum i want to try that

  47. Oh, I loved eating swiss rolls when I lived in the UK - my mother-in-law makes them once in awhile. Such a treat! I will have to attempt this at some point soon, now!

  48. Mmm looks delicious! I still find the rolling so tricky hehe.

  49. When I was growing up, this dessert was something my mother would whip up in a second, as soon as we started whining for sweets. It was not good enough for guests and it was considered humble and pedestrian. I have made it only once, unsuccessfully, but I am determined to master it, especially because I always have a jar of home-made jam on hand:)



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