Thursday, July 7, 2011

My New e book - 101 Tips for Traveling with Kids #travel

So I had another brain wave the other day, I know scary I wanted to do a little e book with helpful tips for traveling with kids, often folks get scared of traveling with small kids and I really wanted to share tips from our travels. So far we have been to Europe three times, Australia and New Zealand, the US and India with our daughter so have learnt a lot and she is not yet three!, lets see how we can do it with two!
I tweeted and asked on facebook and to my delight got tips from a professional nanny, former flight attendant, fellow parents, bloggers, an MD and registered dietitians. 

Here's the link, let me know what you think, again only 2.99 really want to keep cost down and will have sales from time to time, giving free copies to folks who gave tips, so if you are one drop me a line. 

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  1. You are good! always coming up with something new and clever.

  2. I'm sending this to my sister (for her 2 and 3-year old daughters!)

  3. I'm sending this to my niece in Switzerland, you'll need this. Thank you Rebecca :)

  4. What a great idea Rebecca. I know you have the personal experience to write such a book and how fabulous you were able to get tips from others as well. Congratulations.

  5. great idea. i think everyone should read this!!

  6. No kids yet to travel with but this is a very worthwhile and handy book. I will pass this on to friends with kids

  7. parsley sage thanks
    Rita aw thanks
    Yummychunkley thanks so much hope it helps
    Ancoo thanks for sharing it Sam thanks your always so kind
    suzy eats :-)
    Maris thanks appreciate it

  8. Traveling with young children can be a challenge for parents. I have always admired Jasmine's travel log. You will instill in her a sense of magic when it comes to travel.

    As always, an awesome idea.


  9. thanks Velva hope it sticks with her :-)

  10. Very cool that you wrote another e book! Sounds like you have some great experience travelling long distances with your daughter. It definitely gets much easier to travel with the kids as they get older (and the electronic toys do make the trip go by a little easier :-)

  11. You are speedy Sister to get this done so quickly! I admire how much you've traveled with your little one. I've always been one who feels you do them a service for the exposure. There are some difficult years however between around 1 and 3 making it more challenging to pick up and go. Hope your eBook helps people avoid the pitfalls!

  12. EA very true thats what we are hoping he he
    Boulder Locavore he eh I am fast once I get an idea in my head

  13. What a great idea sharing your experience with others! I bet you 've learned a lot on your last trip. haha... Can't remember how much the fine already?!



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