Monday, June 13, 2011

My First eBook: 101 Social Media Tips

Big news I have just released my first ebook 101 Social media Tips, its actually quite amazing as I did it all in just a few days!, I came up with the idea, really my dream is to make it into an app with video's and screen tutorials embedded and daily tips. I thought I would start this way and its accessible to all very affordable and I can get feedback on the tips :-)

So you may be wondering how do you make an eBook?

  1. first come up with an idea come on we all have them, type up your text in word and edit to look the way you want it to
  2. convert the text to a PDF file
  3. use a site like lulu to upload it and start selling it, its free to do they just take commission
  4. I must confess I personally haven't downloaded an eBook before mine was the first !, super simple and can store on my computer or print it.
  5. You can also submit to the iBookstore apples store, but costs $99 for this, so for now I am holding of. 
My goal is to make an app, with more features and design better graphics :-)

I am thrilled to say its already been downloaded a few times and even has a review: 


Jun. 12, 2011
By vivisue

This is a great e-book! Simple, easy to understand and ALL of the tips are exactly what you need to know! Whether you are new to the social media game or just need a checklist to make sure you aren't missing anything, this is worth every penny! Easy to download, too! Don't miss it!

So go on friends what are you waiting for write a book :-)

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