My First eBook: 101 Social Media Tips

Big news I have just released my first ebook 101 Social media Tips, its actually quite amazing as I did it all in just a few days!, I came up with the idea, really my dream is to make it into an app with video's and screen tutorials embedded and daily tips. I thought I would start this way and its accessible to all very affordable and I can get feedback on the tips :-)

So you may be wondering how do you make an eBook?

  1. first come up with an idea come on we all have them, type up your text in word and edit to look the way you want it to
  2. convert the text to a PDF file
  3. use a site like lulu to upload it and start selling it, its free to do they just take commission
  4. I must confess I personally haven't downloaded an eBook before mine was the first !, super simple and can store on my computer or print it.
  5. You can also submit to the iBookstore apples store, but costs $99 for this, so for now I am holding of. 
My goal is to make an app, with more features and design better graphics :-)

I am thrilled to say its already been downloaded a few times and even has a review: 


Jun. 12, 2011
By vivisue

This is a great e-book! Simple, easy to understand and ALL of the tips are exactly what you need to know! Whether you are new to the social media game or just need a checklist to make sure you aren't missing anything, this is worth every penny! Easy to download, too! Don't miss it!

So go on friends what are you waiting for write a book :-)

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  1. That's awesome Rebecca. I'm gong to go buy your book right now! Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations! Such a relevant topic!

  3. Congratulations Rebecca. You know so much about this subject. It should be a real success. I've got to have it.

  4. Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing. You've motivated me into this project! Thanks dear!

  5. What a great ebook. I want to write an ebook, so this is perfect for me.. I'll be getting it and I am also your newest follower. Hope you will follow me back.

  6. You are awesome Rebecca; always on top of the game. i really admire that.

  7. congrats Rebecca on this achievement

  8. this is awesome Rebecca! you always inspire me! i will definitely be purchasing. I've been pursuing the idea of self-publishing a healthy blogging guide, but have been a little timid about it. Thanks, as always, for being an amazing RD to look up to! ~Kati

  9. EA oh thanks your too kind
    Maris oh thanks I think so too he h e
    Sam fingers crossed
    Marnley oh can't wait to get yours
    yummychunklet thanks
    Judee thanks so much for stopping by will follow u
    rita aw thanks your so sweet and always supportive hugs
    torview thanks
    Kati oh your kind your fab as well always the entrepreneur

  10. This is awesome Rebecca - congrats!

  11. Okay, Rebecca you are inspiring me. Thinking I may have to get to my eBook ideas sooner rather than later because you describe it as such a do-able task. Thanks for the empowering feeling...glad I've been able to get to know you and your work :-)

  12. Gina aw thanks your always so kind
    Julie can't wait to see what you write my friend

  13. Rebecca, you set a good role model for all of us. Congrats on this undertaking. Will watch for more.

  14. comfy cook aw thanks so much hugs rebecca

  15. wow!!! that is awesome!!! i'm miles away from an ebook. mebe one day in the future~~

  16. Congrats on your ebook Rebecca! You are so knowledgeable on social media.

  17. Congrats! I will definitely be buying this - so reasonable! And thanks for the inspiration as well. What a great idea.

  18. This is amazing :) You are such an awsm person and the way you share information even in twitter is so nice.

  19. wow thats so cool,you make it sound so simple too. :)

  20. You are such a busy bee! Where do you find the time my friend? Congrats on the book; I'm looking forward to reading it!

  21. You AMAZE me Rebecca!!! How awesome is that?! We could all use these tips if we're into SM!!!!

  22. Congrats for the lovely work! The book would be really u\very useful for all bloggers.

  23. You are such an inspiration. Amazing that you did this in such a short time xx Hugs!!

  24. Congratulations Rebecca on your achievement!

  25. That's a wonderful accomplishment - congratulations, Rebecca!

  26. Wow Rebecca, congratulations on your ebook...wish you lots of success.
    Have a wonderful week ahead :-)

  27. Junia thanks so much you can do it
    Angie thanks
    Roz :0)
    Biren aw thanks hope so :-)
    Katherine thanks so so much
    Kankana love twitter hugs
    Nammi yep it was
    Julie oh I just have one kid right now he he will be busier soon
    Care thanks
    sanjeeta hope so
    Lisa aw thanks your kind
    Cheah thanks so much
    susan thanks
    Juliana same to you

  28. wow, congrats! what a great accomplishment!

  29. So happy for you! Congrats and thanks for the motivation :) buying the book right after I click on "publish comment" here. mwah!!


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