Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Berry Nice Smoothie

Fruit smoothies are a healthy treat at all times of the year but especially on hot days ;-) simple to make and packed with nutrients also great when berries are in season and our stores and farms have good deals.


  • 10 strawberries sliced
  • 15 blueberries
  • one cup of natural yogurt
  • sugar to taste depends on how sweet the fruit is 
  • a little ice to blend

  1. simple blend the fruit, ice, sugar and yogurt together 
  2. enjoy
What's your favorite smoothie ?

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  1. ...I love seeing all these summer berry treats! Looks delicious :)

  2. Berry berry nice, indeed :) Loving your smoothie!

  3. Great drink perfect for the weather and looks pretty too !

  4. Must be very refreshing! Come and join my 1st giveaway.

  5. This sounds perfect for today because it is 92 "feels like" 98 outside today!

  6. Rebbeca I love smoothie this look delicious! I love mango smoothie and blueberry smoothie! I love all! gloria

  7. Looks so refreshing! I rally can't choose one favorite smoothie. Its' fun to experiment with different fruits and other good stuff. I want to try experimenting w/ more veggies in my smoothies too!

  8. This is my favorite summer snack! Color is awesome! :)

  9. One of my "go-to" summer breakfasts. I add a little flax seed and savor. The photo says "drink me."

  10. oh that does look like a perfect smoothie!

  11. Lyndsey :-)
    Nisrine thanks so much
    David coming up
    Kanana :-)
    Belinda :-)
    Sonia on my way over
    Emily oh heres one to cool you down
    Gloria oh love mango too
    EA i need to do that too
    Ikle :-)
    claudia great breakfast idea
    simply life :-)

  12. A terrific smoothie with berries!

  13. We love having smoothies for breakfast in Summer. Our favourite flavour is mango and watermelon...yum!

    Best wishes,

    PS If you lived close by I would definitely throw you a blighty good party! xo

  14. Love the smoothie in wine class. I love ginger, cardamom, and fresh mint (though not together) i smoothies. I am a little smoothie-obsessed.

  15. I won a blender a few months ago but put in the closet b/c I have such little space on my kitchen counter. Now, you've reminded me that I should find a spot for it so I can have a smoothie, too! 8-)

  16. Great drink for our warm weather Rebecca. My favorite always includes berries.

  17. we love smoothies, currently we are obssed with blackberries. have a great week


  18. yum, this looks great. My favorite smoothie is milk and papaya :) SOO good!

  19. our farmer's market begins today and this post has inspired me to make one of these for dessert! I love smoothies in the morning too!

  20. My favourite smoothie is one with rum in it ;-) . I kid. Obviously.

    I don't know if its the fructose, but smoothies really make me feel very healthy and happy for drinking them. Your looks verey refreshing.

  21. My little guy and I love having smoothies for breakfast and if we have leftovers we love to make popsicles with them. A beautiful smoothie, Rebecca!

  22. Lovely . I normally don't add ice but smoothies with yogurt are a favorite all the time.

  23. Mango. Love a simple mango smoothie, especially on days like today when the temperature soars.

    And your smoothie photo is stunning!

  24. Absolutely looking forward to making your berry smoothie once I see berries locally. The weather has not been friendly to crops and our season is delayed here in California.

    Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

  25. Let's see. Frozen strawberries in the freezer. Manors and blueberries on the counter. Guess this is breakfast! Love a good smoothies.

  26. What a fantastic shot you took; it would make any magazine. Those ingredients are perfection together,

  27. This is just perfect for summer!! yum yum!

  28. 5 star foodie thanks
    Natasha :-0 aw thanks your so sweet
    Jose :-)
    Lauren oh mint sounds great
    tangled noodle oh time to put it to use
    Sam oh man its too warm for me he he
    Marnley oh that sounds awesome
    sweet life oh thanks same to you
    Care oh thats cool
    greedy rose :-) fun
    Kim oh loving the breakie idea
    sangeeta :-)
    Lisa oh thanks that was before she kicked it over
    annapet oh sorry about the probs in California
    kelly pea enjoy
    Ananda thanks
    Rita thanks tried to take a better snap he he

  29. My little grandson is just starting to like yogurt so I'll bet he's love one of these smoothies! I'll have one with him :)

  30. savoring time in the kitchen wish Jasmine would drink it sob :-)

  31. This looks so refreshing! Perfect for summer :)

  32. Hi there, I'm so glad I spent a little more time browsing your blog. Love all the social media tips, the discovery of your app and your great recipes! Definitely going for a berry smoothie today!

  33. Jodi welcome thanks so much for visiting Rebecca



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